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English-speaking therapists for internationals

A team of qualified expat therapists who will support you on your journey in a foreign culture

Counselling services for adults, couples, children, adolescents, and families.



In-person or Online therapy

Life and people are messy.

Add expat challenges and it can get even messier.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with emotions, thoughts, and issues. 

But at times they are overwhelming or you can get lost in them.


Moving to Barcelona has put a strain on your relationships?

You are drifting apart from your partner, your adolescent child feels “you’ve ruined their life” or your little one is having a hard time at school.

Relocating has turned sour?

Your life has become a frustrating grind or you are struggling to fill your days. You are homesick and feel lonely. It’s culture shock.

You feel stuck in life?

You feel you’ve strayed from your path and lost direction, and you could use some help to get back on track. Or you are finding it hard to pluck up the courage to change your job or your life.

An old trauma has bubbled up?

At the time, you might not have processed it or you buried it and now it has crept back up on you.  Anger, sadness or another strong emotion has resurfaced and you want to get rid of it.

Maybe there's something else making you unhappy...

Whatever the reason,
if you’re looking for help and would like to find an English-speaking therapist, Therapy in Barcelona is your answer.

Our international team of psychology-trained therapists understand you because they’ve experienced life abroad. They know expats are often accomplished and unconventional with many strengths to celebrate and build on in therapy.

At Therapy in Barcelona, you will be able to face your feelings in a brave and comfortable space to journey towards healing, self-acceptance and empowerment.

At Therapy in Barcelona

all therapists are expats

They will understand you and help you navigate life’s challenges by offering sensitivity, time for self-exploration, and skills to build well-being.

Are you at a challenging moment in your life when filling in a form feels too much or too impersonal?

The key to the success of therapy is discovering the right match.

To find it, we need to be aware of your concerns, your goals, your language preferences and the type of therapy you may be looking for.

The intake form gathers this information and, based on it, we choose the best fit for you; a therapist with the right speciality who may speak your preferred language.

To increase your chance of finding the right match and building a fruitful relationship, we offer you our free and no-obligation discovery call. 

Our Intake Coordinator (psychology-trained in her home country) will listen and understand your concerns and do her best to match you with the therapist who suits your needs.

What makes Therapy in Barcelona unique?


Therapy in Barcelona offer the services of English-speaking psychologists, with diverse areas of expertise, offering their services as therapists and coaches in Barcelona. If you're not in Barcelona, or unable to make it in, we offer online sessions.


If you'd like to just talk, you can do that with friends or family. However, if you're seeking to make changes to improve your well-being, at Therapy in Barcelona we'll listen AND collaborate with you on moving toward your desired changes.


Our therapists at Therapy in Barcelona are highly qualified and have experience working with individuals, couples, families, adolescents and children with a variety of concerns. Contact us and see if we can help.

Have a Question?

There are a lot of therapists in Barcelona. To find out if the therapists at Therapy in Barcelona are right for you, please get in touch. We'll help you find the next step, even if it is not our service.

Tailor-Made Therapy

Therapy in Barcelona takes into account your current concerns and circumstances; strengths and challenges; life history; goals; what works for you; and what doesn't. From this information, we tailor a plan to suit you.


We work together to help you learn skills to enhance your wellbeing. That means your therapist may offer tools and you may have 'homework' between sessions so you have opportunities to try the tools out.


Therapy in Barcelona can help you manage life's challenges: feelings of anxiety or depression, relationships, cultural adaptation, homesickness, life transitions, stress, burnout, and more. Contact us and ask if we can help.

Confidential and Multilingual

Therapy in Barcelona promises you a confidential space to explore your concerns. Our therapists speak English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Spanish, and Afrikaans.

Since 2018, Therapy in Barcelona’s therapists have helped more than 2.509 expats make changes in their lives.

When I got in touch with Therapy in Barcelona, I quickly received answers on my emails. I already picked a therapist I would like to work with from the various and detailed profiles on the website. I was advised on how well I would fit with this therapist and within a couple of days I had my first appointment. These appointments were super flexible and it was even possible to have them online. I really appreciated this option!
After only a couple of sessions I feel much better and happier. I want to become more self-confident and stable in my life. Already now, I see a lot of progress and a clear aim that both me and my therapist work towards to. Overall, I'm very happy and cannot say that I would like to change anything. I look forward to have more sessions just like the ones I had before. Thank you, guys!

Not sure?

Do you feel therapy won’t help or is not for you? Or maybe you feel ashamed to ask for help?

We know it’s hard, but we believe help-seeking is a strength and we take pride in creating a brave space where you can explore anything you need to confidentially and without judgment.