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Therapy in Barcelona is an international team of English-speaking, psychology-trained therapists. 

We help expat adults, couples, kids, teens, families and companies online or in office.


We offer clients seeking help a welcoming and safe space from first contact throughout their journey with us.

Each therapist has a different specialist background, and many are multilingual, ensuring clients can be paired with a therapeutic approach tailored to their needs, in english or their native language.

Therapy in Barcelona is an invaluable resource for expat, or globally mobile, adults, families, couples, kids, teens, organisations, and groups interested in advancing their emotional wellbeingpersonal development, and life satisfaction.

Our international team of caring expat therapists come from all over the world. They speak over 13 languages including english, dutch, french, italian, german, swedish, finnish, portuguese, spanish, afrikaan, arabic, urdu, and gujarati.

Our professionals are all psychology trained. Here in Barcelona, however, we work as therapists, coaches and, counsellors and do not offer diagnoses or work with clinical cases.

It takes a great deal of courage to reach out for help in a challenging time. We offer a safe, confidential space to explore whatever issues may arise for you, no matter how big or small.

We are as passionate about helping our clients overcome emotional and life challenges as we are in assisting them to live a vital, engaging and fulfilled life.

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