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We are expat therapists who understand the unique complexities of living in a
foreign culture


Welcome to Therapy in Barcelona

We are a group practice of international English-speaking therapists with experience of expat life


All therapists are qualified (trained psychologists or equivalent in their native countries). We offer our services as therapists and counsellors in Spain.


We take our work seriously, hold ourselves to a high standard and help with intention. Even with years’ of experience under our belts, we practice and grow our skills together.

Multilingual Therapists

We offer therapy in English and other languages (French, German, Swiss-German, Spanish, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Polish, Catalan, Swedish and Portuguese).


We take a team approach in supporting one another and you in therapy. We rely on your feedback, continual professional development, individual and group supervision to ensure the highest standard of care.


We cover a wide range of specialities to meet our clients’ different needs. Referrals are easier thanks to our in-house setup.

Professional and Human

We invite you to come as you are. We create an open-minded space where we bring a balance of professionalism and humanity to therapy.

Founder & OWNER

Leigh matthews

Therapy in Barcelona was founded and is managed by Leigh, a 47 year old Australian trained and registered psychologist. She offers her services in Barcelona as a therapist and coach.

Over the last 20 years of her career, Leigh has worked with clients of diverse ages, cultures and backgrounds, and has specialised in working with internationals for the last 12 years in Barcelona. Leigh has just provided her expert opinion on expat life in the published anthology of expat women’s stories “#Living The Dream: Expat Life Stripped Bare.

Prior to moving to Barcelona, Leigh applied and developed her professional skills in roles as a Counselling Psychologist in hospital, non-government and government settings in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia.

Leigh has been Supervisor to Masters in Counselling Psychology students for the University of Queensland and Psychologists-in-Training for the Australian College of Applied Psychology. 

Driven by a natural empathy, Leigh’s interest in psychology was sparked at age 13. After completing her studies in Sydney, she worked across various psychological fields and established a successful private practice in Brisbane, Australia at age 29.

At 34, her life took an unexpected turn when she fell in love and moved to Barcelona in 2011 with her partner, a native of the city.

She too was an expat, experiencing an intercultural marriage, the need to adapt to Spanish family obligations, Catalan culture and pregnancy in a foreign country all at once. So yes, she looked around for help to cope.

Unfortunately, she didn’t find what she needed: an English-speaking professional, a therapist who could understand her situation as an expat.

This made her realise just how great the need was for a therapy service that spoke to the international community. So she founded Therapy in Barcelona in 2011, initially as a solo practice, and worked as she raised her son, a Third Culture Kid.

By 2016, she was referring an increasing volume of clients to other practices, and fielding frequent requests from other therapists to join her. This situation encouraged her to expand. In 2018, she opened a group office with five colleagues in the heart of Eixample, so that Therapy in Barcelona could embrace more therapists and help more internationals.

This also allowed her to continue forging links with other professionals who work with expats. Together, they strive to create enhanced models of shared care for Barcelona’s internationals.

As a long-term expat who has built her life in Barcelona, Leigh is not about to relocate elsewhere.

Read her LinkedIN profile.

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Read Leigh's Commentary on
Expat Women's Stories

Why choose Therapy in Barcelona?

Because we’ve been helping expats since 2011 and since becoming a group practice in mid-September 2018

We’ve helped clients from 45 different countries.


We’ve organised 22,691 face-to-face and online appointments.


We’ve helped 3,382 expats achieve their goals, be they large or small.

See what our clients say after seeing one of our therapists

My time with this therapist has changed my life. It sounds like one of those statements that someone might make up to look good on a website or blog but this really is the case. I was literally saved from darkness and despair that was slowly consuming my soul, and I can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding and for giving me the tools to face my demons and what life throws at me every day. It's a work in progress and there is still much to do on my part, but myself and my family are grateful for all you do.

I feel incredibly comfortable and safe with my therapist. I recognise the importance of the therapeutic relationship and I am really happy with the therapy so far.

My therapist speaks perfect English, something that is very important for me, who feels super excluded from social life here, for not speaking Spanish. It was vital that she fully understands me. She's patient, and a very good listener, and is able to offer new insights on my problems as well as methods to change my outlook on life.

My therapist is not only present and caring, but also understands the breadth and depth of the mind and soul, which allows him to navigate each session within a framework that produces consistent breakthroughs.

My therapist is able to make me feel very relaxed but also challenge me & my views.

Only had one session but feel like I already have a clear plan for tackling issues going forward with my therapist's help.

I feel so much trust and freeness to speak to my therapist which I have not easily found with anyone else! She is amazing!

Changed therapist after one appointment then got matched with another therapist very easily! Very glad

My therapist helps by guiding me through it and helps me stay focused on feeling better in the present. She is a key player in my wellbeing at the moment and I couldn't be more grateful.


About Therapy in Barcelona's English-Speaking therapists

Some of them found their way to psychology after studying and working in totally different fields. Others were attracted by psychology from the outset.

They studied psychology to understand themselves, to help people, and ultimately to make a positive difference in the world.

Most of them love animals and some have pets, including Mateo, a Mexican Weimaraner, Miso, a Colombian Dachshund, and Piña, a Horsefield Tortoise.

They are keen travellers. They enjoy exploring the world’s treasures (food, people, cultures) because it opens their minds.

They find different ways to relax. Meditation, reading, cooking, going to healing retreats, surrounded by nature or combining sauna, sea and cold beer. 

They are imperfect dancers, cake bakers, guitar or piano players and poets. They all enjoy their free time in similar and different ways, and they are eager to learn from life.

They enjoy being active, whether this takes the form of dancing at home, hiking, wandering through the streets or practising yoga.

All members of the team have had to overcome obstacles or to look deep within themselves to become better therapists.

They actively engage in continuous development, to learn, improve and refine their craft. 

we're personal trainers for the mind

Take a look at our team page and find out how Therapy in Barcelona’s English-speaking therapists can help you

You will see that, besides speaking several languages, each therapist has different specialities; they all have their own unique personality and offer a range of approaches.

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