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adolescent therapy

Adolescent Therapy

Teenagers struggle with different issues than younger children and adults. Adolescence is a season of identity struggles, extreme peer pressure and fitting in. They often feel stuck between wanting independence and still needing guidance.

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In addition to the general stress of adolescence, conflict with family members, school and parental expectations can affect teens.

Getting help early is important so that concerns don’t become deeper, more hurtful and severe.

Therapy provides a safe space for teens to meet life’s challenges with the support of a neutral adult. Through counselling, an adolescent can learn to communicate in healthy ways. As a result there can be greater harmony for the individual teen and the whole family.

How much information can a parent have about the sessions?

To create a safe space for your teenager, a therapist will skilfully manage the issue of  sharing information with parents and maintaining some level of  privacy and confidentiality for the teen. Generally,  the therapist will give parents feedback about the adolescent, share any concerns about the teen and offer strategies for improving difficult relationships within the family.

Read more about our collaborating therapists who work with adolescents: Marina, Claire, Arne, Cynthia, Claudia.

Our adolescent therapists can provide help with:

Distress due to divorce, the death of a loved one or pet


School stress & test anxiety

stress test

Anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, ADHD


Communication & coping

Difficulty adapting after a relocation

Academic difficulties


Bullying, or peer pressure


Parental divorce

Problems maintaining friendships or interacting socially with peers

adolescent therapy barcelona

Anger, risk-taking, behavioural issues


Eating or body image issues

body image issues



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