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Arne. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator. In His Own Words…

Arne - Therapist for Adults, and Couples

BSc Psychology and MSc Clinical Psychology, Netherlands

Hi! I’m Arne

Originally from the Netherlands and a proud father of a 2 year old, I have been living in Barcelona since 2019, managing the challenges that expat life and parenthood bring.

Arne is great at striking the balance between being super professional and still make you feel like you’re talking to a real human being.

[Adult Client]

Previously I worked in the Netherlands in various hospitals and clinics working in general clinical psychology, medical psychology, addiction and personality disorders, among others.

My main focus and expertise is supporting you to accept and dare to be your authentic self, attuned with your environment. This means finding contentment through being unapologetically yourself and in harmony with your partner, work, family and life.

What this looks like in therapy is that I support you to gain insight into your thoughts, emotions,
behaviour and physical sensations. I help you build resilience and equip you with tools to help you face the
often intense feelings that life brings us.

I draw from my knowledge of modern therapeutic practices such as CBT, mindfulness, positive psychology
and solution focused therapy, drawing from neuroscience, biology and spirituality. Combining these elements, and
attuned to your needs and preferences, my sessions are dynamic and structured around clear,
concrete and achievable goals.

Arne is a Therapist who is not only present and caring, but also understands the breadth and depth of the mind and soul, which allows him to navigate each session within a framework that produces consistent breakthroughs.

[Adult Client]

I can help you with:
Low self esteem (lack of assertiveness, perfectionism, sensitivity to criticism, feeling worthless)
Sex (unsatisfying sex life, premature ejaculation, difficulty with orgasm or pleasure)
Relationships (individuals and couples)
Burn-out, stress management, work life balance
 Feelings of depression 
Anxiety (panic, social anxiety, phobias, PTSD)
Grief and loss
Addiction, substance abuse
 Anger management
ADHD and autism
Sexual orientation and gender related issues
Adjusting to expat life
Spiritual and existential crises

A therapist is a catalyst, supporting and speeding up the process of change, cheering you on
with every step you take. As therapists we offer support in challenging times, helping to create a safe space for growth and for
our clients to thrive.

Sessions can be in English, Dutch or Spanish. I also speak German.

When I started doing sessions with Arne I was still doubtful if therapy “was going to work”. But I really appreciate the “hands on” method Arne showed me especially for the more dire moments, or extremely emotional moments. I was also met with no judgement in the way I thought about life and myself, which was very reassuring and calming. I feel that there was, over the months, a great mix of more practical exercises for hard moments, for daily practice to be more positive and handle my life better, and also some moments of more deep and contemplative nature that helped address the more deep set issues, but also with solutions to solve them. I think already a month or two after starting weekly session my family noticed a change, and are now proud of my more positive attitude and higher confidence.

[Adult Client]

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