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Arne. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator. In His Own Words…



I help people find their path towards a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

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I’m Arne and as a therapist, I act as a catalyst.

I support you, speed up your process of change and encourage you onwards. 

I’m originally from the Netherlands but moved to Barcelona in 2019 when my partner, who is Catalonian, and I decided to make our life here with our now 2 year old. 

It’s been a ride to manage both the challenges of expat life and parenthood. It’s been an intense journey and can still be at times.

English, Dutch, Spanish, and German

Adults, Couples, Parents, Adolescents

BSc Psychology and MSc Clinical Psychology, Netherlands.

Let me share a tool to keep a relationship positive

What does working with me feel like?

I create a safe space. Where you can grow and thrive. Where you can explore issues. Where you can talk freely.

My sessions are attuned to your needs and preferences. They’re dynamic and structured around clear, concrete, and achievable goals.

I draw from my knowledge of modern therapeutic practices. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), mindfulness, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy, neuroscience, biology and spirituality.

We will focus on you accepting and daring  to be you. Because this means finding contentment and harmony with your partner, work, family, and life.

With my support, you’ll gain insight. Into your thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and physical sensations.

You shall build resilience. And equip yourself with tools to face your feelings with my help.

I can help you with:

Low self-esteem – Lack of assertiveness   |  Perfectionism  |  Sensitivity to criticism  |  Feeling worthless

Sex – Unsatisfying sex life   |  Premature ejaculation  |  Difficulty with orgasm or pleasure

Relationships – Whether you want to set to work on it as an individual or with your partner/s


Anxiety- panic  |  Social anxiety  |  Phobias  |  PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)  |  Burn-out  |  Stress management  |  Work-life balance

Autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) 

Sexual orientation and gender-related issues  |  Spiritual and existential crises  |  Feelings of depression  |  Grief and loss  |  Addiction | Substance abuse  |  Anger management  |  Parenting  |  Adjusting to expat life

I started studying psychology as a way to understand myself better and later to help people on their way to self-development/self-exploration

After years of experience, I can say that I enjoy the challenge my job poses: to be open-minded, empathetic, and try to understand. This allows me to zoom out and see the bigger picture.

I’ve worked in the Netherlands in various hospitals and clinics working in general clinical psychology, medical psychology, addiction, and personality disorders, among others.

So, how did I know psychology was my vocation?


things I love doing when I'm not working

Be surrounded by nature with nobody around. It allows me to disconnect from my mind and tune into my body.

Travel and explore (new food, cultures, and people). Feeling the joy of diversity and the beauty of difference.

The architecture of the Sagrada Familia left me awestruck. Mould-breaking can have marvellous results.

Therapy with me in my clients' own words

I was very anxious to start therapy when I first contacted therapy in Barcelona. I was very glad to have found a place that offered therapy in English, as it is more comfortable and also with therapists that are also foreigners in Spain, as cultural differences may be easier to understand.

When I started doing sessions with Arne I was still doubtful if therapy "was going to work". But I really appreciate the "hands on" method Arne showed me especially for the more dire moments, or extremely emotional moments. I was also met with no judgement in the way I thought about life and myself, which was very reassuring and calming.

I feel that there was, over the months, a great mix of more practical exercises for hard moments, for daily practice to be more positive and handle my life better, and also some moments of more deep and contemplative nature that helped address the more deep set issues, but also with solutions to solve them.

I think already a month or two after starting the weekly sessions my family noticed a change, and are now proud of my more positive attitude and higher confidence.

Gives me a new perspective. Very happy to have found immediately the right therapist for me.

All good. Arne was a good fit and I appreciated your willingness to put me on a waiting list rather then push me towards an alternative therapist who was not as good of a fit.

Great energy and very clear communication style. Liked how he said that "our relationship" is his client.

Yes we felt heard and understood from the very beginning. To book an appointment it was very easy and also the emails to remind you of the session and explain to you everything in detail, were very helpful and a nice experience.

Arne is a therapist who is not only present and caring, but also understands the breadth and depth of the mind and soul, which allows him to navigate each session within a framework that produces consistent breakthroughs.

Arne is a skilled therapist. He is quite good at asking the right questions and helping his clients self-reflect.

Did you feel heard, understood and respected? Definitely, Arne's a very nice, professional and intelligent guy and I think we'll hopefully be able to work well together. Did you work on and talk about what you wanted to work on and talk about? Yes I think we covered quite a lot and it will set us up well to go into more detail in the future. Was it easy to book an appointment? Very easy, handled very professionally.

Eveything seems to be perfect. I feel like Arne is very open minded and really eager to listen and understand, I feel like there is nothing I couldnt not tell him, I only can say the best.

Yes, I felt it was very easy to talk to Arne, his questions and responses gave me a feeling of being understood, and also clarified what I want to work on. Arne provided a good structure for the session and a good framework for the path forward.

Respectful therapist, eager to sincerely help by trying to accommodate his schedule, caring.

It surpassed all expectations!! Thank you

Felt understood and respected. Arne was explaining everything perfectly. As of right now I feel very confident in this whole thing. Getting an appointment was easy and fast, and you guys were really friendly 🙂

Now, if you need to reach out, I’ll be honoured to help you find your path towards a brighter future.

Fill in the intake form and our Intake Coordinator will contact you within 24-48 hours.

I believe that there is always another (kinder) side to a story. It is essential to keep an open mind when the world is so full of different beliefs and customs.

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