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Barcelona Private Chef on Nutrition and Mental Health and Well-being

Barcelona Private Chef on Nutrition and Mental Health and Well-being

Boqueria Chef is a private Barcelona chef experience crafted by Rodrigo Garcia, an expatriate passionate about Barcelona’s culinary tapestry. 

His business is not just about learning to cook local dishes or discovering quality seasonal produce at fair prices. It’s about understanding the profound connection between good eating and well-being. In this article, Rodrigo, a Barcelona local for 20 years, shares his offerings as a private chef for internationals in Barcelona and his passion for the Barcelona food scene. Read on to discover the ease of accessing nutrition and wellness at a decent price if you have the right guide in Barcelona.

Over two decades, I’ve delved into the heart of Barcelona’s food scene, unraveling the intricacies of cooking with the seasons—lessons learned from the vibrant stalls of La Boqueria. I have experienced firsthand the difficulty of learning to eat and cook local recipes, as well as the even more difficult task of finding the best places to buy quality, seasonal food at a good price.

When I arrived to Barcelona I did not know how to cook an egg, nothing, but I needed to eat so I started asking the people in La Boqueria how to cook the different products they had for sell, and that is how I managed to improve and to cook with the seasons. My journey began with a simple need to eat and has blossomed into a pursuit to nourish both body and mind with local produce in Barcelona. As many studies suggest, a balanced diet rich in seasonal fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood contributes significantly to our mental and physical health. Cooking and eating can become, not just a chore, but a therapeutic ritual, grounding you and providing a source of joy and connection in your expat family.

Through books, and personal experience in restaurants, I learned and I will teach you too how to manage cooking easily, with the best quality products, not meaning expensive ones, but with the freshness of every season. Barcelona is a global city and as such we can find almost any product and enjoy a culinary feast throughout the year if we focus on seasonal food.

To eat with the seasons means taking care of the planet, helping local producers to maintain their work,  and getting better prices. Eating with seasonal variations year round makes cooking fun since you can create different plates every month according to the season.

If you want to delve into the fascinating world of Catalan gastronomy, while learning to cook recipes from all over the world, I will take you by the hand in the process. I will assist you in losing your fear of the products that people think are complicated to prepare. I will give you the tools, the foods, the techniques, and the recipes, so that you can prepare delicious and varied dishes, three to five times a week, for two, three or four people, adapted to you and your family.

I live with my two children and wife, with whom going to La Boqueria to shop has become one of the most entertaining family outings. The children, since they were in strollers, have learned to appreciate all kinds of food and to enjoy seasonal vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood, cooked with Catalan, national and international recipes. Learning to shop and cook has helped them grow as children and create strong bonds with their parents, understanding the whole process of food as a life and family experience.

Now, I want to teach other families the same thing I have done at home all these years. Buying the best seasonal produce and offering the recipes to expand the culinary knowledge of anyone who wants to be a little, or very, “foodie”. Also it is very important for me that families cook together, making the kitchen a place to enjoy conversations and discoveries, improving the quality and bond of your expat family. Perhaps the kitchen will become your family’s home while you are away from home.

In Barcelona we are blessed with an abundance of zero kilometre produce at our local markets (mercats) including Barceloneta Mercat, Mercat El Ninot, Mercat Sants, Mercat Sant Antoni, Mercat Santa Caterina, to.name just a few. La Boqueria has been considered the best market in the world, and remains one of the top 3 for virtually all international rankings. Barcelona’s La Boqueria Market stands as a vibrant emblem of Spain’s rich culinary heritage, renowned as one of the country’s most historic and colorful food markets. Steeped in tradition and buzzing with life, La Boqueria is not just a market; it’s a gastronomic adventure that encapsulates the essence of Spanish flavours and the culinary culture of Catalonia. Established over 180 years ago, this market has become a sanctuary for food lovers, offering an array of fresh, quality ingredients and a chance to explore new tastes and dishes. It’s a culinary landmark located on the bustling La Rambla street, serving as a daily go-to for locals and a must-visit for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in the authentic food scene of Barcelona.

Let me show you around and shop at the best stalls, where the locals, chefs and the great restaurants buy. Because in Spain, quality doesn’t always mean high prices. In Spain, if you know what and where to buy, you can eat varied, balanced, healthy, quality and nutritious food without having to deprive yourself of other pleasures in life.

In my home, trips to La Boqueria have turned into joyful educational experiences for my children, instilling in them an appreciation for nutritious foods and the mental benefits they bring. I now extend this knowledge to other families, sharing recipes and tips that celebrate local, seasonal produce while acknowledging the role of diet in nurturing mental and physical health and wellbeing and a love of cooking and food.

The project ‘Boqueria Chef’ is an exclusive service. I offer myself as your private Barcelona chef and expert in buying local and seasonal food (a complete grocery sourcing service). Working in a tailored way with you, I will source recipes adapted to the taste and intolerances of your family, while always looking for you to learn to value local and seasonal products and to help you to learn to eat like a local in Barcelona.  

I will guide you to the best local and seasonal goods, ensuring that your meals are not just tasty but also mentally and physically enriching. With every fresh, seasonal fish you select, you’re giving the ocean a respite, and with every local product, you’re supporting  your family’s and Barcelona’s community wellbeing.

Join me, and let’s explore the rich mosaic of Catalan gastronomy. I’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to create nutritious meals, imbued with the flavours of the world, right in your kitchen. Because in Barcelona, quality ingredients for a healthy mind and joyful life are available to all, not at a high cost, but at the true value of shared family experiences and the love of good food.

You can connect with Rodrigo and start to love what you eat and love what you cook with his Boqueria Chef service at:

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