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Barcelona Women’s Network Sponsor Profile

Barcelona Women's Network Sponsor Profile

Thank you to Barcelona Women’s Network and Lucy Storm for our sponsor profile published in the Barcelona Women’s Network weekly newsletter Sunday 8 March 2020 edition.
Did you know Barcelona Women’s Network has been a social touchstone in the Barcelona international community for 20 years? To support their essential work of welcoming newly arrived women in Barcelona, nurturing friendships between international women, and supporting local charities such as Avismon and  Associacio Assistencia Dones Agredides Sexualment consider going to their website and signing up for a membership. Membership ensures you are invited to all the outings, book clubs, meet ups, dinners and stay o the pulse of what’s happening amongst international women in Barcelona. 


Leigh Matthews, therapyinbarcelona

– by Lucy Storm


43 year old Australian Registered Psychologist, Leigh Matthews, moved to Barcelona in 2011 after meeting her Barcelonian husband in 2010. Following a thriving private practice in Brisbane, Australia, she founded Therapy in Barcelona in December 2011. Initially a solo practice, Leigh found herself having to refer clients to other practices as well as receiving requests from therapists to work with her. This inspired her to expand the practice to be able to embrace new clients and collaborating colleagues. In September 2108, Therapy in Barcelona evolved from a home practice into a sanctuary-like space in a quintessentially Barcelona style building in the heart of Eixample.

Therapy in Barcelona is run by internationals for internationals and specialises in the particular complexities that international life can bring. Despite palm trees and sun, many internationals feel isolated in Barcelona as they are dislocated from their support networks. The aim of the practice is to offer clients a welcoming space throughout their journey towards mental wellbeing. Each of the therapists has a different specialist background, and many are multilingual, ensuring clients can be paired with a therapeutic approach tailored to their needs.

How does therapy work? Leigh Matthews gives some tips here: 


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