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I aim to help people by accompanying and steering them on their own path.

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I'm Belinda. I accompany and steer my clients onto their own path.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, I have lived and worked in the UK, France, Morocco and now Spain.

The first time I came to Barcelona was back in 2003 to spend the Easter holidays with a friend. I settled in Barcelona for a number of years because my partner is a city native, so we have family ties there. 

In late 2022, true to our expat spirit, we made another move to Luxembourg. I continue to offer sessions with Therapy in Barcelona online from Luxembourg.

English and French


MA Third Wave Therapies, MSc Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychopathology of Ageing, BSc Psychology, BA Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

What does working with me feel like?

I’m honest and straightforward when necessary.
And I always try to listen to you from a perspective of not knowing. 

I use a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework to provide a stable foundation.
To enable you to start recognising cycles of behaviour and assist you in finding your formula or ideas for change.

We define personal and professional goals. To help guide you toward better acceptance of past experiences and to set a way to move forward.

I offer you tools.
So you can learn to use them. They’re the key to confront future adversity.

I give you “homework”.
To practice methods and make changes in how you respond to issues.

Who do I help?

I accompany clients who struggle with:

Anxiety  |  Mood disorders  |  Addiction | Self-esteem | Grief and loss | Panic attacks | Pessimism | Stress | Fears | Academic concerns

Or those who are looking for:

Professional coaching  | Mentoring

I suppose it was a quest to better comprehend our human nature with its beautiful and complex elements.

A wish for more insight into how we learn, develop and change while understanding motivations, perceptions, and behaviours. Without forgetting the individual nature of all of these.

It was this that led me to study and work in Clinical Neuropsychology. And later, to train in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) for adults as well as Coaching and Mentoring for professional development. I have also completed a Masters in Third Wave Therapies.

Thanks to my decision to study Psychology, I’ve experienced, and continue experiencing, a deep sense of fulfilment and contentment when working with each client. This work is my vocation.

So, how did I realise my calling in life was psychology?

And when I’m not working, I love to:

Dance. Turn up the music loud in order to make music and dancing a part of my everyday.

Go to the beach and dive under huge waves to avoid getting tumbled by them. I guess I enjoy conquering the challenge it implies:  making the choice to dive in rather than be wiped out.

Waking early. When I get to bed early enough, I love waking up early, seeing the start of the day.

Let me share a short practice for telling your brain you are safe.

What Clients Say About
Working With Me

Belinda makes me feel extremely comfortable and heard. She has a calming presence. Everything about our sessions feels natural and easy even when what I have to say isn’t so easy. With her help I am starting down a path of healing and self improvement. I am very grateful.

Belinda is easy to talk to. I appreciate that she's non-judgmental and patient.

I'm really grateful to Belinda and all the work we have been doing together. It has been helping me heal, rebalance, and observe my situation from different perspectives. I can see already the improvements since the beginning of the journey with her, and even though I might still have highs and lows, I am now confident of the road ahead. I've felt listened and seen with kindness and respect, and this has been pushing me to try to do the same for myself as well. So, truly thank you.

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You can learn to do everything by bringing more conscious awareness to your life - you can switch from being a human ‘doing’ to becoming a human ‘being’.