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MSc Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychopathology of ageing, BSc Psychology, BA Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, MA Third Wave Therapies

Therapy is being assisted on a journey inward, to a space of awareness and eventual stillness where no external situation or averse event is able to exert influence.” 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Coaching and Mentoring and Clinical Neuropsychology

Mood and anxiety disorders, coaching and mentoring for personal and professional development,  alcohol and drug dependence.

Hello, my name is Belinda. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, I studied and trained as a Psychologist in France. I have lived and worked in the UK, France, Morocco and now Spain.

I have studied and worked in Clinical Neuropsychology and I am trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for adults as well as Coaching and Mentoring for professional development. 

I aim to define personal and professional goals with clients while guiding them toward better acceptance of past experiences and setting out a way to move forward.

Using a CBT framework, which may include homework,  I provide a stable foundation for clients to start recognising cycles of behaviour and assist them in finding their own formula or ideas for change. Providing tools to be used whenever confronted with future adversity is key.

I will accompany clients who struggle with anxiety, mood disorders, addiction and those who would like to benefit from professional coaching or mentoring.

Sessions can be in English or French

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