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Best Online Therapy in 2020

Best Online Therapy 2020

Online therapy brings the confidential support and care of a therapist’s office directly to you via online platforms like Zoom, Skype, Doxy.me, Google, etc.

All of our therapists offer their services online.

Individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents and companies with a good internet connection and camera-enabled device can gain access to quality healthcare with one of our therapists. Give us a call today and find out how easy it is to get started.

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Of course, we are biased, but we consider ourselves one of the best of online therapy services of 2020. Why?

  1. Therapy in Barcelona has checked the background of all of our therapists who work with us
  2. Our Intake Coordinator helps match you to a therapist who is experienced and trained to help with your particular concerns
  3. Our online therapists work in a team, meaning they have group supervision and are actively engaged in reflecting on and improving their practice
  4. All of our therapists are concerned to adapt their online therapy to your needs and goals
  5. We can generally provide appointments quickly since we have a large team of online therapists at your disposal
  6. We work with types of therapy that are evidence based, so likely to help and not harm
  7. We are all highly trained psychologists, at Masters level minimum
  8. We are all passionate about our work and we try to provide the best online service possible to our clients
  9. If you do not feel the fit is as good as you’d hoped, it is easy to switch therapists 
  10. Choose from online counselling for adult individuals, online couples counselling, online therapy for parents, children and adolescents or online support for your organisation

Contact us and see if we are the right online therapy service for your needs!


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