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Find a Job in Barcelona: Best Websites

Find a Job in Barcelona: Best Websites
Find a Job in Barcelona: Best Websites Looking for work in Barcelona? Check out these websites! https://www.recruit4.work https://www.infojobs.net/ofertas-trabajo/barcelona https://www.indeed.es/Ofertas-en-Barcelona,-Barcelona https://www.infoempleo.com/trabajo/en_barcelona/ http://www.laboris.net/trabajo-en-barcelona.htm https://www.europelanguagejobs.com https://www.monster.es/geo/siteselection/ https://bluselection.com/ https://www.turijobs.com/ofertas-trabajo-barcelona-catalunya https://www.trabajos.com/ofertas-empleo/barcelona https://www.cornerjob.com/es/ofertas-trabajo-barcelona-48-c/ https://www.randstad.es/candida…/ofertas-empleo/p-barcelona/ https://www.studentjob.es/trabajo-estudiantes/barcelona https://www.primerempleo.com/trabajo-sin-experien…/barcelona www.jobatus.es If you're looking for help with the emotional and mental challenges of being in Barcelona, reachRead more

Barcelona Metro Map 2019

Barcelona Metro Map 2019
Whether you are visiting Barcelona, or making the permanent move, the Metro Map is a handy thing to have on hand. Barcelona is such a liveable and easily navigated city. Enjoy! Remember, if Barcelona is easy to navigate, but your life here isn't, get in touch withRead more

Expat-preneurs in Barcelona?

Expat-preneurs in Barcelona?
If you're an expat-preneur and need some support, contact us today.Therapy in Barcelona offers therapy in office and online therapy. Contact UsRead more

Expat Life in Barcelona

Expat Life in Barcelona

“It is a bitter-sweet thing, knowing two cultures. Once you leave your birthplace nothing is ever the same.” ― Sarah Turnbull, Almost French Living in Barcelona offers so many opportunities, but also offers many challenges. Isolation. Seasons of grief and loss. Feelings of anxiety or depression. Homesickness. Frustration and stress. 

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We are not a crisis service.
If you need immediate assistance, please go to your local hospital emergency department. The essential phone numbers in Barcelona, Spain are 061 (medical emergencies, multilingual) or 112 (emergency).
Samaritans in Spain offer emotional support from trained listeners in Spain (in english)FREE CALL 900 525 100 from 10am – 10pm 365 days a year or Whatsapp 63 432 5906