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child therapy

therapy in barcelona

Children also struggle with problems that impact how they behave, feel, or learn.

In therapy, kids talk, play or draw and learn how to work out their problems. Therapy helps them feel better, cope better, communicate better, learn better and behave better.

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If you notice your child has significant changes in their behaviour, mood, sleep, appetite, or school performance, they may need some help. We also help with managing loss, adaptation to relocation, school or new siblings; picky eating; developmental challenges; ASD/Aspergers; Adoption; ADHD; bullying; feeling down or anxious; social issues and learning problems.

Therapy in Barcelona’s collaborating child & family therapists are compassionate professionals trained to identify issues and offer suitable strategies to help your child successfully navigate through difficulties.

What to Expect 

The first session includes the parents, the parents and child, or the whole family. The therapist will ask about the presenting concern and take a developmental history. Depending on the issue, individual therapy for the child, or family therapy, or a combination may be recommended.

When working with children, art or play therapy are often used as these are the ways in which children best communicate their needs, wants, worries, and conflicts.

Children are best understood in the context of their family unit, so even in individual child therapy, the therapist may schedule sessions with parents to help them understand and provide the best environment for their child.

Our child & family therapists can provide help with:

Loss due to divorce, the death of a loved one or pet


School stress & test anxiety

stress test

Anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, ADHD


Picky Eaters

picky eater


asd autism

Child-Parent Relationship

Child-Parent relationship

Adaptation after a relocation or change

Screen Time

screen time

Learning difficulties

learning issues

Bullying, or peer pressure

Family Challenges

family issues



Problems maintaining friendships or interacting socially with peers

New Sibling

new sibling

Anger, risk-taking, behavioural issues

risk taking

Coping after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event


School Adaptation

school adaptation

Developmental Challenges

Developmental Challenges


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Emergencies & Support

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