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Christine Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in Her Own Words



I believe every individual has unique strengths that empower them to find positivity and direction.

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I’m Christine, a therapist fascinated by millennial mental health.

The first time I came to Barcelona it was for work and I happened to meet my now partner, also an expat in Barcelona.

At that point, I was working remotely for a NYC based crisis service and helping to launch it around the world. Eventually though, I had to move to London which implied a lot of travelling back and forth between London and Barcelona.

Now, I’ve come to make sunny Barcelona my home.

BA Psychology; MA Education (Ed.M.) Counselling and Clinical Psychology; MA Counselling & Clinical Psychology; Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC); British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Member (BACP)

What does working with me feel like?

I build an authentic connection with you. So we can explore together to help unpack and meet new parts of you.

I integrate tools to tailor therapy to you and your goals. I offer tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focused, and Solution Focused therapies.

I offer warm positive energy. To allow you to feel comfortable right away and feel non-judged.

I listen to you. To try and understand your perspective, how you see life through your lens.

I provide a supportive environment. I help you uncover your abilities and empower you to free yourself from debilitating cycles.

I watch out for destination addiction. We concentrate on finding happiness in the now instead of in the next job, next city or next relationship.

Who do I work with?

Expats and immigrants from all over the world with a wide range of issues

Adults, adolescents and couples, young adults and millennials:

Pressures of perfectionism  |  Career uncertainty  |  Dating relationships (including high stress dating app culture) |  Unclear sense of purpose | Relationship challenges  |  Family conflict  |  Loss and death  | Depression | Addiction | Anxiety 

And more.

I felt psychology to be the only career where I could always learn new things.

Because I believe that if you listen to people and their stories, you learn: new ways of experiencing life, new perspectives…

There is no one mould for how people should live.

Later, having experienced firsthand the power of therapy, while still studying, I knew I’d chosen the right path. To learn skills so I could share that gift with others

That was more than a decade ago. Since then, I have received two master’s degrees in psychological counselling and clinical counselling psychology from Columbia University in New York City. 

I have also had the chance to work in a variety of clinical settings including private practice, crisis counselling, mental health technology, community outpatient mental health, and university counselling centres.

So, how did I know psychology was my vocation?


details that shape me as a person and therapist

My friends nick-name me “genuine hype-man”. I always cheer on others and see the best in them.

My favourite way to relax is listening to podcasts and wandering around the city.

I think coffee is incredible. I enjoy trying and making new coffees like drip coffee or french press.

Let me share a tool to create clarity about what a more meaningful life looks like for you

See what clients say about
working with me

Working with Christine has been fantastic. She has helped me grow through a difficult time in my life and provided me with the ability to have greater insight and self-compassion for myself.
I always feel like she's genuinely on my team, and when we are in session together I know she's 100% fully present and focused with my best interests in mind.
She's very professional in her approach, while at the same time being warm and accessible. This makes a huge difference overall to our sessions, and I can happily say that she's one of the best therapists I've ever worked with. I would confidently recommend her to anybody.

Being paired with a therapist that can relate to my background (being from New York and moving to Barcelona) is very helpful to me! Makes me feel like Christine really can understand where I am coming from when we talk.

I like that I am given and shown things that I can do at home and in between our sessions. It makes it feel like I’m working on myself and therapy everyday and not just in the once a week sessions.

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As an expat you are forced to face many new parts of yourself, which is exciting because, although you struggle, you can constantly grow.