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Christmas Presents Recommended by Therapists

Christmas Presents Recommended by Therapists

Play is at the core of children’s development. It helps them learn and express themselves. Different toys build different skills. 

  1. Kinetic sand or sand for its sensory benefits
  2. Kitchens and play food for the 3-8 year old crowd because pretend play is key to kids’ development.
  3. Art supplies for little and big ones. Paint, play-doh, sketch books, pottery kits or anything to stimulate design and creation. Great for building attentional skills and focus.
  4. Board games or card games are fun for all ages. Jenga, Connect Four, Uno or anything that promotes frustration tolerance (losing!), following directions, and rules. Cooperative games like Hoot Owl Hoot or Pictionary encourage team work. Board games teach kids to communicate and negotiate. Monopoly helps kids learn to count, take turns and build frustration tolerance when someone lands on the property you want!
  5. Cash register for practising math skills.
  6. Foam swords or pool noodles for rough and tumble play without injuries.
  7. Musical instruments or karaoke machines! Make some noise, stimulate performance and creative musical exploration.
  8. Costumes and dress ups nurture imagination and role play.
  9. Lego! Anything Lego to foster fine motor skills and a sense of accomplishment. In fact, anything that is construction based builds fine motor and problem solving skills.
  10. Dolls, figurines and action toys nurture imagination, social and language skills.
  11. Balls, bikes, scooters, skipping ropes and outdoor toys stimulate gross motor skills, balance and coordination.
  12. Puzzles help kids work on spatial, creative, problem solving and frustration tolerance skills.
  13. Torch and a shadow play book. Enjoy making shadow puppets, and getting creative, telling spooky stories with your face illuminated by the light.
  14. Ant farm! Foster responsibility, learn about the natural world and observe the cooperative world of ants.
  15. An atlas! Explore the world, stimulate curiosity.
  16. A lava lamp. Relaxing and calming, a lava lamp is a great gift for kids.
  17. You! Spend time listening, playing and discovering your child’s inner world and personality through play. Let them lead the way. This is the best gift and it’s free!

Check out the Abacus Cooperative Catalogue for christmas gift ideas by age, including lots of construction, creative and cooperative games.

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