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Claudia. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator. In Her Own Words..

Claudia - Adults, Couples, Adolescents, Parents

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Mexico City, Master’s Degree in Individual and Couples Jungian Psychotherapy

Other Accreditations: Coaching, Mindfulness and Applied Behavioural Analysis

Hello! I’m Claudia 

I’m a Mexican Clinical Psychologist specialised in Individual and Couples Therapy. I have lived in Barcelona for 7 years.  

I have worked in private practice for more than 6 years gaining professional experience working with adults, couples, children with autism (using ABA method), and adolescents, around issues such as: stress management , depression, low self-esteem, parenting challenges, anxiety, anger management, adaptation to new situations , living abroad, resolution of conflicts, relationship issues and existential crisis.  

 Prior to that, I worked for two years providing psychological assistance for women, emotional support for children with cancer, and facilitating parenting support groups and workshops for the elderly. 

If you are looking:

For a safe place to talk about your emotions, feeling or thoughts.

To understand and explore more about yourself.

To have a better relationship with yourself or others.

For a secure, reliable space that will lead you to embrace who you are.

I will be happy to share this journey with you. 

If you are looking for a couples or parent support group please request information.
Claudia has given me extremely valuable tools which I will cherish and take with me forever. I am forever grateful to her.
Sessions can be in English or Spanish.

Contact Therapy in Barcelona to book an appointment with me.

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