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Claudia. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator. In Her Own Words..



I aim to help people unlock the power they hold within.

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I’m Claudia, a Mexican therapist.

I have worked and lived in Mexico, London, and now Barcelona. 

Seven years ago I decided to come over to further the relationship with my now husband.

English and Spanish

Adults, Couples, Adolescents, Parents

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree in Individual and Couples Jungian Psychotherapy, Training in the Gottman Method for Couples

What does working with me feel like?

I provide a space that is:

Kind. Your thoughts and emotions are validated and you find me to be a compassionate listener who cares about you.

Respectful. I understand that everyone has their own perception, their own pace and their unique way of being.

Inclusive. Differences and individualities are embraced and considered valuable.

Safe and reliable. You will feel free to talk about your emotions and thoughts.

Accepting. We’ll work towards understanding and embracing who you are to enhance your relationship with others and yourself.

Like a dance. In therapy energy, feelings, and thoughts will connect and flow. Where I, as your “dancing partner”, will be happy to share your journey.

I can help adults, couples, parents and adolescents with issues such as:

Stress management  |  Depression  |  Low self-esteem  |  Parenting challenges  |  Anxiety  |  Anger management

Adaptation to new situations  |  Living abroad  |  Resolution of conflicts  |  Relationship issues  |  Existential crisis

And more.

Yes. From early on, I pictured myself helping others and unlocking the power they hold within. Studying psychology was an opportunity to fulfil this vision.

After my bachelor’s degree, I went on to do a Masters in individual and couples Jungian Psychotherapy.

Once finished, I worked for two years providing psychological assistance for women, emotional support for children with cancer, and facilitating parenting support groups and workshops for the elderly. 

I then moved on to private practice where I gained professional experience working with adults, couples, children with autism, and adolescents for more than 6 years. 

Learning never ends for me. There is always so much to understand and it is part of my integrative approach; the more tools I develop, the more I can give to my clients.

Is psychology my calling in life?


details that have made me the therapist I am

Blended nationality. I was born in Mexico, but my grandparents come from Poland and the Czech Republic.

Being left-handed. It made me aware early on that the little things are important too.

Enjoying the never ending-adventure of learning. It allows me to grow and unveil possibilities and change.

Let me share a short video on

In my clients own words therapy with me

Claudia has given me extremely valuable tools which I will cherish and take with me forever. I am forever grateful to her.

I feel so much trust and freeness to speak to Claudia which I have not easily found with anyone else! She is amazing!

Claudia created a very comfortable but helpful space where I/we can explore any issues and productive ways of approaching and managing them.

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I believe that our past has a big influence on who we are today, but it doesn’t determine us. We can choose our path in life.