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For expat
English-speaking therapists in Barcelona who wish to belong to an international and Supportive team


After landing in Barcelona, are you struggling to find English-speaking clients or do you miss being part of a team?


Perhaps you would like to belong to a group practice in which you can work independently with a lot of freedom, but still feel part of a team.

Where you can pursue your passion for therapy and use your expat experience to help members of the international community who are going through a rough patch or wish to enhance well-being.


Our service can make your life easier

A full caseload

You’ll get to work with your ideal international clients referred by Therapy in Barcelona that match your expertise and needs.

6 therapy spaces

You can see your clients in one of our 6 comfortable rooms in a stunning Modernista building in the centre of Barcelona.


You choose what hours you want to work, limited only by room availability. It facilitates work-life balance.


Fortnightly group supervisions, individual reviews and a Whatsapp group for support. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and share experiences and knowledge with like minded professionals.


The centre is run with professionalism, care and passion by a supportive Australian therapist with over 19 years experience.


You’ll belong to a diverse, multicultural and multilingual team that will broaden your view of the world.

What do we look for in our collaborating psychology-trained therapists?

Skills and Experience

Demonstrated skills and experience in the provision of evidence based tools with some or all of the following groups: children, adolescents, adults, families, couples and groups.

Rapport Building

Strong communication and rapport building skills. You are able to create real connections with your clients, since this is the key to positive outcomes.

Genuine Interest

Genuine interest in client wellbeing. You are warm and respectful, creating a safe, non-judgmental space, so clients will feel comfortable to share and feel held in a difficult moment.

Great Work Life Balance

Great self-care. You are committed to increasing your self-awareness, vision and personal development, living out the therapeutic principles you convey.

Couch to Coach

Capacity to generalise therapeutic frameworks to coaching and counselling sessions. Accepting the limits on your practice as a therapist and not a psychologist in Spain.

Clinical Judgment

Capacity to identify clinically severe cases and refer outward where appropriate. A keen awareness of your own limits, experience and expertise.

Private Practice

Previous private practice experience. You’re used to managing your diary, applying your policies, completing notes in a timely fashion and working independently.

Ethical Practice

Commitment to ethics. To promote respect, dignity and just care within the context of the counsellor and client relationship.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You are committed to honing your skills and being the therapist you would like to work with.

100% Team Player

Genuine interest in the project and your colleagues. And the reputation of Therapy in Barcelona.

Ongoing Supervision

Your own supervision and participation in fortnightly group supervision with the team. To support you and enhance your ability to provide value to your clients.

Expat Experience

You're an expat who speaks English, ideally other languages. You bring experience working with globally mobile clients / TCKs/ sojourners.



Selectively chosen professionals, with varying years of experience under their belts, who practise and grow their skills together.


By sharing, supporting and learning from each other, our team is transformed into a community.


We work in an expat friendly environment, sharing a commitment to diversity and a passion for change.
Therapy in Barcelona is a unique project, bringing together a group of international collaborators from over 13 different countries whose goal is to work to enhance the well being of Barcelona’s international community.

What requirements should you meet in order to build up your caseload with English-speaking clients and gain access to our therapy spaces?

Maintain your identity as an independent contractor while also promoting Therapy in Barcelona.  This means you take your own payments and manage your client scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation policy. Capacity to manage your calendar in a consistent and organised manner and book rooms when booking client appointments.

Align with the mission and values of Therapy in Barcelona. 

Offer a minimum of 15-20 hours availability a week at Therapy in Barcelona in sessional blocks.

Accept client referrals from Therapy in Barcelona.

Participate in group supervision sessions and social lunches or events.

Pay Therapy in Barcelona for the provision of extensive tangible and intangible services that enable your work: a well established brand reputation, comprehensive intake services, group supervision, professional library, ongoing support when you need it, access to community referral database, rooms, cleaning, consumables, Wi-Fi, electricity, water, air-conditioning, heating, marketing, website maintenance, social media management, blogging, sponsored articles in expat publications and more.

Organise your malpractice insurance. Check out BGI UK for a quote. Therapists who collaborate with us must have a ‘Medical Malpractice & Third Party Liability’ policy for at least €5,000,000 and that the policy MUST include an ‘indemnity to principal’ clause.

We are not the right fit for you if you're

If that’s you, awesome! But we’re not the place for you. We dedicate a lot of time to our teams, and provide the flexibility, autonomy and space to allow each member of our team to get creative in their role. You can still work independently but the ideal person is invested in time and energy in Therapy in Barcelona.


Our collaborators’ experience of working with Therapy in Barcelona

I am extremely happy and grateful to be working at this amazing place. The team is filled with talented and passionate therapists. I love the collaborative environment and the opportunities for professional growth and development. The company values work-life balance and creates a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all. I truly look forward to coming to work each day and am proud to be a part of this dynamic and thriving practice.


Working as a collaborator at Therapy in Barcelona is wonderful. Leigh puts her 110% into her center every day, being there for the new clients and us as collaborators. Together with her great business mind and endless tips she makes working as a therapist a breeze. A full caseload and a team that has your back is great. I especially appreciate the care for quality with: fortnightly group supervisions, individual reviews and, a culture where value is given where value is due. If you are considering joining our team I can highly recommend it.


From my position of working as a collaborator at Therapy in Barcelona, I can not recommend this center highly enough. It is run with extremely high levels of professionalism, care and passion.


Having worked in different places across Europe, I have to say that working as an intake coordinator at Therapy in Barcelona is an ongoing amazing experience. We’re always doing our best to fulfil all clients’ expectations and needs. Therapy in Barcelona helps to make that experience as smooth as possible, when we know that this first step to start therapy might be so difficult to make. But we are here for our clients, every step of the way. “WE” is one of the best parts of the work at Therapy in Barcelona, as we are a team that has our clients’ best interests at heart. All therapists are great professionals, amazing people and colleagues. Leigh Matthews, the founder of Therapy in Barcelona, is a guardian angel of all those processes and always there to help, to clarify any questions, concerns and just to give support to me and everyone on the team. Communicating with Leigh has been great from the very beginning and I can’t express enough how important that base of kindness and professionalism is, to make our work feel valuable and appreciated.


My experience of working at Therapy in Barcelona has been positive from the offset. The team is supportive and I have particularly enjoyed the exchange of knowledge of different disciplines in our group supervisions. The intake team has worked hard to understand my skills and very quickly filled my caseload.


As a collaborating Sexologist with Therapy In Barcelona, I am so pleased to have the chance to work with such a professional team of international therapists. The team is made up of a diverse and inclusive team offering therapy in multiple languages. The therapy rooms are not only beautiful, but comfortable and make you feel at home. I appreciate the attention to detail that is given to each and every client.


I have been collaborating with Therapy in Barcelona for one year and I couldn’t be happier. It was a big opportunity for me to be able to pursue my career as a foreigner psychologist here in Barcelona. It has been really pleasant to work in a very respectful, collaborative environment where you get a sense of belonging and support from everyone who works here. I also had the flexibility to choose the hours I wanted to work and there is great communication between the intake coordinator and my own needs/expertise as a therapist to match me with the clients that I can work with.


As a collaborating therapist with Therapy in Barcelona, I believe it is fair to say that working with this centre has met my needs for working with clients who match my areas of expertise, and for filling up my caseload in a short period of time which is impressive given that I am an expat myself and have no connections in Barcelona. Communication with Leigh and our Intake Coordinator has been really efficient and support is generously offered. There is a fortnightly supervision which we are all encouraged to attend and it’s a great space for support on the personal and professional levels. Working with Therapy in Barcelona has been essential in boosting my professional development during this phase of my life journey!


Follow these steps

Confirm that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Be registered as a Psychologist in your country of origin and be able to transition to offering your services as a Coach, Therapist or Counsellor in Barcelona and online
  2. Have, or be organising, malpractice and public liability insurance. Check out BGI UK for a quote.
  3. Have, or be organising, an N.I.E. and be able to work in Spain. Talk to the Team at Entretramites for assistance with your administrative needs.
  4. Be, or are working toward being, registered as an autonomo (independent contractor / freelancer). Entretramites can help you with this process.

If you’ve ticked all the checkboxes, then…

Complete our collaborator questionnaire 

Send a 3 minute video telling us why you’d make a great match for our team, your résumé, qualifications and cover letter to us at

We cannot consider any applications that are missing the video, questionnaire or CV.

If you meet our requirements and match our needs, we will contact you for an initial online screening.

The final steps would be the completion of a case conceptualisation and an in-person interview.

Are you ready to join the team?

To enjoy your client work as part of a team of international like-minded professionals who are working to help the expat community in Barcelona and beyond?

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