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Are you looking for information about working in Barcelona?

We have many helping professionals from around the world enquire about working in Barcelona.

We can offer you a paid online consultation to share our experience with you.  

We do not provide employment contracts or documentation to support visa applications. All of our collaborators are independent contractors, not employees.

Collaborators can apply to collaborate with us by filling out this questionnaire

Therapy in Barcelona brings together a group of international collaborators who are independent contractors working to enhance the well being of kids, teens, adults, families, and couples from Barcelona’s international community.

We offer 6 therapy spaces in a beautiful modernista building, with a doorman, in a privileged location in Eixample, Barcelona. We offer you a kitchenette, and proximity to numerous public transport, bicing and car parking options.

As a collaborator you will:

  • Maintain your identity as an independent contractor while also promoting Therapy in Barcelona
  • See clients referred by Therapy in Barcelona within the Therapy in Barcelona therapy space
  • Align with the mission and values of Therapy in Barcelona
  • Commit to 15-20 Hours a week at Therapy in Barcelona
  • Accept client referrals
  • Pay Therapy in Barcelona for the provision of services that enable your work (rooms, cleaning, consumables, wi-fi, electricity, water, air-conditioning, heating, intake services)
  • Work within availability of rooms in the center
  • Take your own payments 
  • Manage your client scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation policy
  • Be able to work independently, but also in a collaborative and supportive way with other professionals at Therapy in Barcelona
  • Attend community events to represent Therapy in Barcelona

We are looking for collaborators with:

  • Demonstrated skills and experience in the provision of evidence based tools with some or all of the following groups: children, adolescents, adults, families, couples and groups
  • Capacity to generalise therapeutic frameworks to coaching and counselling sessions
  • The capacity to identify clinically severe cases and refer outward where appropriate
  • The capacity to work independently and as part of a team
  • Previous private practice experience 
  • Strong communication and rapport building skills
  • Genuine interest in client wellbeing
  • Genuine interest in the project and reputation of Therapy in Barcelona
  • Great self-care
  • Commitment to ethics 
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Ongoing supervision
  • Commitment to working 15-20 hours a week in sessional blocks


  • Experience with expats/globally mobile clients/global nomads/TCKs/sojourners
  • Multilingual 

To be considered for a role as a collaborator with Therapy in Barcelona:

  • You are registered as a Psychologist in your country of origin, but able to transition to offering your services as a Coach in Barcelona
  • You must have, or be organising, malpractice and public liability insurance
  • You must have, or be organising, an N.I.E. and be able to work in Spain
  • You must be, or are working toward being, registered as an autonomo (independent contractor / freelancer)
  • Send resume and cover letter to Leigh at leighmatthews@therapyinbarcelona.com
  • Complete our collaborator questionnaire 

Independent contractors who complete the requirements and match our needs will be contacted for online screening before an in person interview. 


Our service is by appointment only.
Calle de Paris 162-164, 3o, 1a Barcelona 08036
Opening Hours 0800am - 0900pm
Email: info@therapyinbarcelona.com
Whatsapp: +34 644 522 369

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Emergencies & Support

We are not a crisis service.
If you need immediate assistance, please go to your local hospital emergency department. The essential phone numbers in Barcelona, Spain are 061 (medical emergencies, multilingual) or 112 (emergency).
Samaritans in Spain offer emotional support from trained listeners in Spain (in english)FREE CALL 900 525 100 from 10am – 10pm 365 days a year or Whatsapp 63 432 5906