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couples counseling

Couples Counselling

According to relationship and marriage experts, couples wait for an average of six years of being unhappy before getting help. Don't wait that long!


Long term relationships, like anything in life, need maintenance and work. Sometimes relationships need a bit of help to ‘spice’ things up, change toxic relationship patterns, rebuild the relationship, rebuild trust and communication and learn how to be together again.

Intimacy and sexual connection change naturally throughout the course of all normal relationships. However, children or life stressors, moving countries, ageing, or a loss of trust can impact connection with your partner.

Couples counselling can help.

Taking the step to work on your relationship with a trained couples counsellor at Therapy in Barcelona can seem daunting. However, couples who reach out to start work together often benefit greatly.  

It is important to choose a therapist who has experience working with couples and who has a good fit for both you and your partner.

Meet our Couples Therapists: Arne, Avril, Claudia, Cynthia, Saya, Andres, and Valeria.

Relationship counselling is hard work and there are no guarantees. But it is smart to invest the time to find out if your relationship can be improved. The effectiveness of couples counselling is directly related to the motivation of both partners. 

Our trained couples therapists can help you with the following issues:



Transitions. If you are going through a big life change together, couples counseling can help you through.

Big life transitions include things like moving to Barcelona, having a new baby, long-term unemployment, illness, new jobs, marriage, loss of a child or family member, or problems with in-laws.

Other transitions include major personal achievements, home renovation or purchase, legal troubles or visa issues.

Working on ways to move through a challenging season in life together can strengthen your bond and fortify your relationship for future challenges.



Trust. Is your relationship in distress due to infidelity, a sexual affair, an emotional affair or some other betrayal around money or lifestyle?

Drug or alcohol abuse or lying and deception may also be the trigger for coming to therapy.

Jealousy can be something one or both partners struggle with, and this can be corrosive to a relationship over time.

Couples who successfully work through trust issues build a stronger relationship.



Communication. Sometimes broken communication looks like conflict, and sometimes it just feels difficult or absent.

Dysfunctional communication styles, like shutting down, or aggression, may be of concern.

Poor communication can also be about feeling ignored, lonely or disconnected when you are with your partner.

Our couples therapists can help you reconnect, learn how to hear each other, understand and be understood. Improved communication is often one of the most fundamental and effective tools couples counseling provides.

Unhealthy Patterns


Unhealthy Patterns. You and your partner may feel stuck in bad patterns together.

Unhelpful patterns can arise around the division of labour and childcare responsibilities in a household. Couples can get stuck in the same parenting conflicts. The amount of support one partner provides another is more than the other.

If you feel stuck and something needs to change, then a skilled therapist can assist in identifying the issue and guiding you toward solutions.

Parenting and Family Life


Parenting and Family Life. How to parent together and align your parenting styles.

Coping with the challenges of intercultural marriages and the cultural clashes that can arise.

Fair distribution of responsibility and work in the family. Building a relationship that provides a healthy model for your children.

Managing a family when one or both partners travel for work.

Finding new ways and skills for parenting as partners can be an invaluable investment for your children’s long term health and wellbeing.

Physical Intimacy and Sex

physical intimacy sex

Physical Intimacy and Sexual Issues. Rejection, frustration, boredom, disconnection or differences in sex drive can all be reasons to seek couples therapy. 

Sex is a good way to check the temperature of a relationship and a window through which greater emotional intimacy, trust, and sharing can be fostered.

Our sex therapists can also help with painful intercourse, premature or delayed ejaculation, inability to orgasm, loss of desire, or erectile dysfunction. Learn more about sex therapy here 

Divorce or Separation


Divorce or Separation. 50% of marriages are said to end in divorce in developed countries.

Coping with the decision. Parenting together. Dealing with legal issues. Managing the grief.

There are many dimensions of divorce or separation that a couple or individual may need help with.

Work on ‘conscious uncoupling’ with the support of a trained therapist. 


Same Sex Relationships

LGBTQ Help Barcelona

Yes! Therapy in Barcelona is an LGBTQI safe space! 

Love is love.

Work on your relationship with the support of a trained therapist. 


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