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Did you know that, on average, couples go to couples’ counselling something like 5 years too late?

Relationship counselling is not that big a deal and is becoming less taboo. Savvy people take cooking classes to learn how to cook, see a personal trainer to reach their fitness goals, have individual therapy to maximise their wellbeing and go to couples therapy with their partner to enhance their relationship.

In-law problems, intercultural cross wires, problems with money, the stress of moving to another country, poor communication, insecurity, anger, jealousy, parenting concerns, the decline of desire and sex, and feeling disconnected – all these, and more, constitute good reasons to see a couples’ therapist.

All that is worth having in life requires work, including satisfying relationships. Couples who commit to working through challenging times together stay together and have stronger relationships.

Couples counselling is useful because you have the insight and reflections of an experienced professional to help understand the origin of issues. A couples counsellor can also facilitate your development of a toolbox of skills and strategies to help repair and enhance the relationship.

When is it the right time to get relationship counselling?

Most couples present in crisis but, at the beginning of a relationship is a perfect time to get help and learn new patterns of relating and communicating. Transitional periods are times of great need too; when a baby arrives, moving countries or cities, etc may be times a couple needs support to foster relationship strengthening and connection.

Some signs you might need couples’ counselling

1. Communication is bad
2. You’ve been through a trauma or going through a massive transition together
3. Sex and desire are diminished
4. Trust has been broken
5. You feel ‘stuck’

Aside from the invaluable healing effects of having a space where you can both explore the issues you face and be heard, some tools you can develop in couples’ counselling:

1. Assertive communication skills
2. Intimacy enhancing skills
3. Relationship building exercises
4. Problem solving skills
5. Stress management

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