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I aim to help you heal traumas and develop self-love.

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I’m Donnie, a Gestalt therapist.

Originally from a remote rural community in the Scottish Highlands, I came to Barcelona to spend a year or so. I wanted to learn Spanish and benefit from immersing myself in a new culture. 

That was in 2008, and here I still am. I loved (and love) my life here so much I decided to stay.

English and Spanish


MA Philosophy; MA Psychotherapy; Dip. Gestalt Therapy; Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapists (AETG)

What does working with me feel like?

I provide an encouraging, non-judgemental space. 

So you can identify limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours that could be causing you emotional pain or holding you back.

I help you unravel issues.

So you can rediscover your natural creativity and get on track to living your best life.

I invite you to be yourself as fully as possible.

We will work together with your “authentic you” so you can learn to trust yourself and act with confidence and self-belief.

You are an active participant in your healing process.

I use the Gestalt approach based on awareness of your whole self, and how you engage with the world.

Who do I work with?

I help adults with concerns around:

Low mood  |  Sexual dysfunction  |  Anxiety and depression  |  Grief  |  Burnout  |  Creative blocks  |  Difficult relationships  |  Anger management  |  Drug and alcohol misuse | Childhood trauma | Male sexuality

At first, I wasn’t really sure. I found my university psychology course dry and academic. I craved something else but didn’t know what. 

Until I found and benefited greatly from Gestalt therapy as a client. 

It felt so authentic and visceral that I decided to study for the three-year AETG diploma. I wanted to share the gift of rediscovering yourself in a ‘blood, sweat and tears’ approach. 

Later, to gain a more theoretical understanding of therapy, I completed a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy.

In the middle of all this, I also took two professional development courses in sexuality. 

My passionate curiosity propelled me. As did my aim to help modern men deal with their confusing relationship with masculinity and sexual energy.

I am currently working with a team researching the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, including Ayahuasca for complicated grief and MDMA for a range of issues. We have recently published in Frontiers in Clinical Psychology and are working on further publications in this promising new paradigm in mental health care.

So, how did I realise my calling in life was psychology?


details that shape me as a therapist and person

I love music, especially performing. It’s like an adventure, I get to perform before unexpected people (Polish monks, an Estonian president).

I enjoy exploring Spain on my motorbike. I recently discovered Teruel and was amazed at how stunningly beautiful it is.

I believe that health is more than the absence of symptoms, it’s to truly live life to the full.

Let me show you how little changes can make a big difference.

In my clients own words - therapy with me

I feel extremely comfortable speaking candidly with Donnie about my issues. He’s a great listener, very perceptive and offers good advice. It’s the first time I have enjoyed this kind of relationship with a therapist and I genuinely look forward to our sessions. I think I would struggle to find a better suited therapist and was pleased to have received the recommendation.

I felt heard and seen during the first session, and I felt very much as ease in Donnie's presence. All of which is extremely important to build a trusting relationship. I will gladly continue the sessions with him.

So far found it very positive.

I am getting a lot of help to understand myself, and also how to work with my confidence. In sessions I feel safe and comfortable to talk, although some subjects are still very difficult to open up. I am receiving techniques and ideas to work in day to day life and I think small progress has already started in me. Thank you!

My therapist is very skilled in meeting me at my capacity. He challenges me enough to engage me but leaves me enough space to not become overwhelmed or over challenged.

So far I am very happy, I feel like it’ll be a longish road but Donnie is proactive which I think is a very useful approach for me. As it’s only been a few sessions I can’t say more, but very happy so far.

First session has been good, my first time in therapy so was very nervous but I feel like Donnie hears and respects very well, and I think he will be able to help me with my goals. Booking sessions and communication from the first moment has been very easy and quick. Thank you!

Donnie put me at ease in my first session - I think it was a good first step for me. Easy booking process, thanks for facilitating .

I feel validated. Which says a lot about the session. Donnie was great, he listened, he explained, he challenged me, he did everything I was expecting.

Are you ready to learn to trust and love yourself?

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It is a huge privilege to witness people’s most intimate and vulnerable sides, and to use that position to help to heal traumas and develop self-love.