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Since our inception in 2011, Therapy in Barcelona has been providing therapy to Barcelona’s expat community.  The concept in the beginning was very simple, and still remains simple:  therapy for expats in Barcelona, by expats.

Who are Barcelona’s Expats? 

The community of people seeking expat therapy in Barcelona is diverse with some overarching characteristics. 

Many are highly educated with 53 % being graduates and 21 % being post-graduates. 

The average age of clients seeking expat therapy in Barcelona is 25-34.

There is a predominance of women, with 64% of Barcelona’s expat community being female.

And there is a high proportion of Europeans and Americans who claim expat status in Barcelona.

Why Do Expats Move to Barcelona?

The primary reasons for coming to Barcelona include relationship or work.

On many expat surveys, Spain ranks high on quality of life, ease of settling in, quality of family life, and cost of living.

Top reasons for relocating to Barcelona are for a better quality of life, to move for love or, just wanting to live here.

Spain’s ranking on surveys of expats and quality of living is 8th out of 64 countries, according to the Internations Expat Survey.

Things that expats finding challenging in Barcelona include: excessive mass tourism, economy, crime and pickpocketing, food, bureaucracy and pollution.

Why Do Expats Need Therapy in Barcelona if the Quality of Life is So Good?

Expats seek therapy in Barcelona to deal with a myriad of issues. No matter where they land, expats are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than their counterparts in the countries of origin (The Mental Health Status of Expatriate Versus US Domestic Workers Chestnut Global Partners).

The most common expat problems in Barcelona, and reasons for seeking expat therapy in Barcelona are:

Missing friends and family

Being single and finding that the expat lifestyle makes relationships challenging

Financial worries

Adjustment to work and culture

Absence of professional and social networks

Trouble making friends

Culture shock

Feeling tired of expat life

Language barriers

Partner or family unhappy in Barcelona




General life issues that come up 

Family of origin issues

Loneliness and isolation 

Existential issues – like meaning and belonging

Ageing parents or sick family in home country

Looking for Expat Therapy in Barcelona….

“Only 6% of expats are concerned about mental health issues before relocating. Expats have a mind-set open to risk and challenges, consequently they may be less likely to take steps to manage any potential issues in advance.” (https://www.aetnainternational.com/)

If you are seeking help in your own language, you are not alone. Expats tend to seek services in their own languages, even if they are fluent in their host country’s language or languages.

Expats are highly educated and interested in improving their own wellbeing and overall health.

Why Should I Choose Therapy in Barcelona for my Expat Therapy in Barcelona?

We have a group of collaborating therapists who speak various languages and who are expats themselves, meaning they get you!

They have an awareness of cultural biases, assumptions, stereotypes, worldview and are open to accept and learn about the different realities, customs and values that our expat clients bring from their countries of origin all over the world.

Beyond this, our expat therapists are non-judgmental, and compassionate, highly trained and love to help expats in Barcelona.

If you are seeking expat therapy in Barcelona, book a session with us. Cope with adversity, maximize your wellbeing.

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