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Eyal. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in His Own Words.



I provide a safe and empathetic space in which you can free yourself from barriers and grow.

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My name is Eyal, and I’m a therapist from Israel.

Three years ago, love brought me to Barcelona. I came to live with my Catalan partner after years of having a long-distance relationship. 

I have been a therapist for people from varying contexts and with diverse needs. Now, in multicultural Barcelona, I feel lucky to continue my work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

English, Hebrew, Spanish

Adults, Couples, Families

BA Social Work,  MA Family and Couple Therapy, Relational Psychotherapy Studies (Family Therapy School Hospital Sant Pau), Accredited Relational Psychotherapist (FEATF)

Let me share a communication tool to help you manage conflict

What does working with me feel like?

I offer an authentic, empathic, and honest space. You will feel understood and validated. Starting therapy can be challenging and I strive to help you feel comfortable and safe so you can express what you need.

We will focus on your strengths. We’ll explore how these can be harnessed to create positive change in your life. It is normal to feel overwhelmed or fragile at times. You won’t be defined by your problems or concerns.

I offer you active and direct, but respectful and empathic feedback. To grow, we need a mirror, so we can understand and confront our fears and challenges bravely, within a safe and patient space. I will be your mirror.

We will start with hope. I believe that you have the ability to take charge of your life and make the decisions that can transform you and your direction. 

I’m a Relational Therapist. I take a Systemic, Psychodynamic and Existential approach. I believe we never act alone but are always part of some interaction or context.

Who do I help?


Life Direction, adjustment to living abroad, identity issues, anxiety, stress, relationship and social difficulties, loss, self-esteem, emotional regulation, anger issues or violence, and more.

Individual therapy provides a safe, confidential, and comfortable space where you can express yourself about any psychological or social challenge that might be limiting you in life or causing you suffering or crisis.


Communication, self-expression within the relationship, liberating feelings of anger or grudges, acquiring strategies to cope with challenges you face together or with any other issues that might cause you suffering.

Therapy can help romantic partners to understand each other better and express individual needs, to promote understanding and intimacy.


Communication, managing anger, learning skills to cope with issues that cause the family pain.

Therapy can help family members communicate and understand each others' needs better, to find harmony and grow together.

I have always had a passion for working with people, accompanying them in moments of hardship and hope. This work is humbling and inspiring.

My combined Social Work and Psychotherapy training give me a unique perspective: I help people see themselves as participants in something bigger than their individual experiences. They are liberated from feeling “wrong” or “inadequate” when facing challenges.

So, how did I realise my calling in life was therapy?


things I love when I am not working

Music is a big part of my life. I play electric guitar and adore rock (primarily progressive rock, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and more).

I love travelling. Being enriched by new cultures, languages, ways of living and food. I even met my partner while travelling in Thailand.

I am constantly learning and curious. Learning new languages and reading. People are the best source of learning, and sharing experiences with others gives me much joy.

I have a sweet tooth. My soft spot is for chocolate and sweets. I guess I’m lucky to be a therapist and not a dentist.

what clients
say about working with me

Eyal met me with unconditional kindness and compassion from the first meeting until now - 2 months into therapy. He appears to be a very emotional intelligent person, who is capable of quickly analyzing people, understanding how to approach them and adjust to their rhythm and needs. It it quite a unique experience to have a safe space to go to, where a professional validates (all) your emotions, but is giving you constructive feedback at the same time. I feel that he actually cares about me and is genuinely interested in my experience, despite how easy or difficult it feels for me to express. From my sessions so far, I can confidently say, that Eyal is very skilled at mirroring my behaviour and (un)expressed emotions, which helps me to go into depth and self-reflect, as well as, starting to change patterns I do not longer wish to follow and don't serve me any longer at this moment of my life. I have experienced a positive shift, where it starts to feel more save for me to be vulnerable with others and express my emotions. The sessions with Eyal have quickly become a very valuable feedback in my life, which I appreciate and am extremely thankful for.

Yes, I felt very heard. It was a great chance to talk through some things objectively, and Eyal gave me some really insightful prompts that helped me to view things with more understanding. We talked about what I wanted to work on and it felt really safe and peaceful, which I really appreciated! I had a really nice session and I was really pleased with how it went, thank you very much!

I really connected with Eyal in our first session. I feel like he is a great fit and that we will really get somewhere together. I like his style and his qualities (understanding, patience, wisdom, curiosity, teamwork) really shine in our sessions.

My sessions with Eyal have had an immediate and positive impact on my life. I have been able to put things into perspective, and I feel generally much happier and more optimistic in my daily life.

I think this recommended therapist is very on point for me. I can feel that we can relate in certain aspects and it does make it easier for me to share my feelings. It's my first time going to a therapy so I was a bit nervous but I felt good after the first session. The appointment process is smooth.

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When I see my clients face their challenges so bravely and break their barriers, it inspires me, gives me strength, and I end up growing alongside them.

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