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family of origin issues

Resolving issues around your family of origin

Do you have a history of abuse that makes you backpedal in relationships?

Have you concluded that to overcome your anger, you must first explore the relationship with your Mum or Dad?

Do your feelings of low self-worth stem from over-critical parents?

Is your relocation the cause of internal conflict with family members?

Do you struggle with the guilt of being away from your family of origin and missing milestones or having ageing parents?

In therapy, you will explore your emotions to remove barriers and open the door to change. You will learn tools for communication and conflict resolution.

Our therapists will share strategies that will enable you to maintain, repair, manage or let go of your family relationships.

Are you afraid you won’t “click” with your therapist?

Rather than being immediate, it takes around 4 sessions to build a strong connection and shared understanding with your therapist. 

We match you up with a therapist based on the information you entered on the intake form (including your therapist preference if you had one) or the information we gathered during the discovery call.

However, there is still a possibility you won’t “click”. If this is the case, you can contact us to ask for a change, and your therapist may recommend another in-house professional who might be a better fit.

in our clients' own words

I have been able to process my fears and traumas that had been holding me back, along with processing emotions in daily situations. Therapy made life easier as I had an outlet for everything that stayed with me during the week.To one extent or another, everyone is in need of therapy as not everyone has all the tools and knowledge to take care of their mind. Therapy in Barcelona offers therapy in different languages which is perfect for the foreign families living here.

My therapist is not only present and caring, but also understands the breadth and depth of the mind and soul, which allows him to navigate each session within a framework that produces consistent breakthroughs.

I feel incredibly comfortable and safe with my therapist. I recognise the importance of the therapeutic relationship and I am really happy with the therapy so far.

I was very glad to have found a place that offered therapy in English, as it is more comfortable and also with therapist that are also foreigners in Spain, as cultural differences may be easier to understand. When I started doing sessions with Arne I was still doubtful if therapy "was going to work". But I really appreciate the "hands on" method Arne showed me especially for the more dire moments, or extremely emotional moments. I was also met with no judgement in the way I thought about life and myself, which was very reassuring and calming. I feel that there was, over the months, a great mix of more practical exercises for hard moments, for daily practice to be more positive and handle my life better, and also some moments of more deep and contemplative nature that helped address the more deep set issues, but also with solutions to solve them. I

Are you ready to invest in your well-being to obtain peace of mind with the help of our psychology-trained therapists?

We don’t perform miracles, but we can support you in many ways. Guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Help you to regain the confidence you’ve lost. Encourage you to foster growth and bring happiness.

There is really no need to wait until you hit rock bottom before you reach out.

We will contact you within 24-48 hours M-F.

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