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family of origin issues

Family of Origin Issues

Moving to a new country can be exciting, but one struggle many expats face is their relationships with their family back home. In some cases, this may just be homesickness or FOMO. Ageing parents and familial responsibilities can cause internal conflict about where to settle. In other cases, there may be tension with, or resentment from, the family of origin. Family relationships are important, but they can also be complicated. Luckily, our therapists are here to help.

Therapy will help you talk through these issues and the various emotions that they bring up.

Our therapists have experience with the challenges facing globally mobile clients (and are internationals themselves), so they understand the impact that moving countries can have on familial relationships.

You will learn tools for communication and conflict resolution, as well as strategies to help cope with your own emotions, maintain important relationships and repair or manage broken ones.

Our therapists can provide help with:

Staying in Contact

Healing Old Wounds

family of origin

Accepting & Building Relationships with the Family You Do Have

Managing Feelings of Guilt

Changing Learned Patterns

Setting Boundaries & Limits

Problems Interacting with Toxic Family Members


Grieving the Family You Never Had


Anticipatory Grief & Grief Concerning Parental Illness or Death

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