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Helping families grow stronger, communicate better and regain their harmony


Family dynamics are complicated. Each member has their own personality, communication style and points of view.

Balancing it all can be tough, especially when you’re all busy with everyday life.

Maybe you’ve reached a point where...

You dread being at home. There’s either conflict or calm before the storm.

You have fallen into unhealthy patterns of behaviour and are having trouble breaking them.

One family member is not talking to another. Relationships change and are not always easy.

You are having trouble communicating with one of the family members. Entering adolescence, relocating or a loss has made them withdraw.

You would like to talk with a professional to help prepare the whole family for a major change.

You feel your family needs help to improve the level of harmony at home

It would be good to talk with someone who won’t take sides with anyone and who will make sure everyone gets heard and understood.

Therapy can provide the time to listen and talk that your family needs if it is to resolve issues

Therapists can raise the level of everyone’s awareness, uncover issues and talk you through difficult situations. 

They can facilitate, reflect and provide insight.

Navigating step-parenting and blended families

Are you having trouble bonding with your step-children? Are you tired of trying hard to no avail?

Does your partner think you’re too hard or do you feel they’re too soft? You have different parenting styles that are creating tension.

Are your children struggling to adjust to having new family members at home? They feel uncomfortable around them and resent the intrusion.

In family therapy, you will define and work towards building the home “climate” you want, agreeing on consistent parenting guidelines and understanding all members of the family.

Managing divorce

Are you worried about the impact your divorce will have on your children?
You would like to soften the blow and learn how to best manage the separation for their benefit.

Since the divorce, communication between both parents has been tense and is affecting everyone?
Your child’s grades may have fallen or they may have withdrawn.

Is your ex using the children as messengers? And it’s making them unhappy. They feel caught in the middle.

Our therapists can assist you in redefining relationships, responsibilities and needs. You will learn to relate to each other in a new way so you can all adjust to the change and move on. conversations? It feels like it will never be forgotten.

In couples counselling, we will work on empathy, finding ways to compromise and communicate positively, and helping you to understand each other better.

Coping with teenagers

Is your teenage kid acting out? It has become taxing.

Do they boycott family activities or don’t join in?

Are they having angry outbursts that are making siblings afraid?

Do they refuse or complain about giving a hand at home? 

Struggling with your teenage son or daughter can affect the whole family and be an extra stress.

In therapy, we can improve the family’s problem-solving abilities to help manage conflicts and find new ways to work together.

Enhancing parent-child relationships

Does your child’s behaviour make you feel out of control? Consequences only make them more defiant.

Do you try to contain your child’s anger so your partner doesn’t get mad at your child or you? You give in to your child’s demands.

Do they not listen to you when you are trying to explain something? Or they do, but only for about five seconds before switching off?

Therapy will help you adapt challenging behaviours to more positive patterns within the family which will facilitate rebuilding and strengthening the parent-child bond.

Resolving family conflict

Are your children not getting on? They bicker and fight all the time. It’s driving you crazy.

Do you have different views or beliefs? It feels like you always clash and end up arguing.

Are different parenting styles creating conflict in the family? Do the children sense and react to this parental discord?

In family therapy, we can help deal with issues between family members, teach you how to relate to one another.

Overcoming communication problems

Yelling. Blaming. Ultimatums or threats. Swearing. Labelling members as bad. Silent treatment or not talking.

Is the level of conflict increasing? Is it getting harder to communicate in a healthy way?

Many things go wrong when there is miscommunication. In therapy, we will work on strategies and skills to bridge that communication gap.

Dealing with family relocation

Relocating can be stressful. 

Settling into a new home, school, culture and environment as well as finding new friends. 

Are you juggling your family’s different needs, concerns, opinions, and emotions?

Family therapy will help the whole family talk about thoughts, emotions, and difficulties they are experiencing. Or prepare them for culture shock.

Tackling parenting a child with a disability

Is the extra time and effort you spend on your child exhausting you?

Do you feel you are putting aside your other child’s needs?

Are you all tired of feeling watched and judged when you’re on a family outing?

In family therapy, we will listen to all members, acknowledge their concerns and validate their emotions so they can address concerns. We will also share strategies and resources to help you change family dynamics that aren’t working.

Recovering from grief and loss

Have you lost a loved one? A sibling, a parent, a child, a friend or a pet.

Or maybe it’s another type of loss? You’ve lost a job, your health or a feeling of safety.

And it has affected the family in different ways. 

You may be experiencing anger, regret or resentment. Perhaps your feelings swing from one emotion to another. 

Your family might be struggling to come to terms with the loss. Or maybe you’re all striving to reorganise your life.

Family therapy can help process and cope with the loss as well as show you how to remember your loved one in a healthy way.

Managing rainbow family CHALLENGES

Is managing being different to the norm, educating others and coming out day-in-day-out exhausting you?

Do you worry your child will be bullied or teased because you have a different family structure?

Are you all tired of feeling watched and judged or having to educate others when you’re on a family outing?

Second-guessing how much of an issue it will be at events or in a new school or social situation is isolating and anxiety-inducing.

In family therapy, we will listen to you, acknowledge your concerns and validate your emotions so you can feel supported. We will also share strategies and resources to help you face the challenges.

At Therapy in Barcelona, our aim is to help build a stronger connection between family members to improve harmony at home.

We’ve been supporting the international community in Barcelona since 2011, first as a solo practice and now as a group one.


We respect the diverse nature of family relationships, forms, beliefs and cultures.


We focus on tailor-made interventions using evidence-based techniques.

Collaborative team

You will work with a therapist who is enriched by the experience, knowledge and perspective of 16 other professionals.


We seek to create a non-judgmental space where clients come as they are.

Does counselling make sense for my family?

You believe that matters will get better and often your family will adapt and evolve without assistance.

However, at times, the challenges may become more serious and you may want to find help.

Therapy can help your family identify and resolve conflicts, as well as enhance strengths. With assistance, you can all change and develop in a healthy way.

Do you need a rough road map for your family therapy process?

At Therapy in Barcelona, we customise therapy, we adapt it to each family. This means we can only provide a rough idea of what to expect.


Starting line

Fill in the intake questionnaire or talk to our Intake Coordinator by reserving a discovery call. You will then be matched and given an appointment.


Intake session

All the family will discuss the issues you want to work on with the therapist and you’ll talk about informed consent details.


Initial sessions (2-4)

You will start building a strong relationship with your therapist. They will offer an open-minded space where all family members can unbottle feelings and learn to speak openly. You shall determine what you want to change and set goals.


Change sessions (5+)

All members shall learn and practice communication methods and healthier patterns. Your family will make significant changes and feel calmer at home.


Finish line

Our ultimate goal is to get to the point where you do not need to come in anymore. Where you’ll have learnt to talk about issues that concern any member of the family and tackle matters with your new tools.


Once you are matched to a therapist, we will let you know their fee and preferred payment method.

Are you ready to experience more connection and harmony at home?

To find or recover the natural support and care you and your children can give one another.

We will contact you within 24-48 hours M-F.
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