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How do I make an appointment?

The quickest way to an appointment is to complete our intake form so we have all the info to match you to a therapist.

We will usually respond to you within 24 hours Monday – Friday.

Depending on the volume of requests we receive we can offer appointments as soon as you and the therapist have availability, usually within a few days to a week. 

Sometimes there are waitlists, but we will give you referrals in-house or out in the community if you cannot wait.

What happens in sessions?

Read this article for a rough road map of the therapy process.

In your first sessions, we’ll be clarifying your concerns and mapping out a plan to achieve your goals. You will have completed the intake form and your therapist will be familiar with the information you provide.

Later consultations usually involve us allowing you space to explore, perhaps giving you information and suggestions and supporting you to learn appropriate living or coping skills.

Your therapist will tailor the therapy to your needs and goals. Their approach to helping will depend on the therapeutic framework they use, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative, Solution-Focused, Person Centred, Existential, Psychoanalytic, Transactional Analysis, Art Therapy and many more.

If you don’t feel a fit with your therapist, just get back in touch with our Intake Coordinator and we can organise a new match, no problem.


What to expect


free session

Is the first session free?

The first session is not free. It’s an initial session that is 50 minutes long to get to know new clients and begin to assess goals and needs.

Why don’t you meet our team of qualified therapists and find out who you’d like to work with?

Do you take insurance?

Therapy in Barcelona is a private therapy service which ensures full confidentiality. This means you must first pay in full for your session then submit your invoice to your insurance company.

Your therapist can provide you with invoices if you would like to seek reimbursement from your insurer for your sessions. 

We recommend you talk to your insurer about your level of coverage and the possibility of reimbursement before making an appointment.

You can pay using direct deposit, PayPal, Bizum, cash and more. We’ll let you know the preferred payment method of your therapist.

We charge VAT for our sessions. You may be able to claim these sessions as a service you have been provided when you submit your tax return if you are working freelance here in Barcelona.




i need to cancel

What if I need to cancel a session?

If you want to change or cancel an appointment, we require two working days, or 48 hours notice to give us a reasonable chance to fill that appointment time. 

If you don’t keep an appointment we will charge you the full fee for it, as it could have been given to another client in need.

What if I am late for a session?

If you let us know you will be late, then we will wait until you arrive and complete the remainder of time left in your session with you. 

If you do not let us know that you will be late, then we will wait 20 minutes for you before counting it as a missed session and charging you full fee for late cancellation.


i'm late



Are there any packages?

We prefer not to offer packages so you can change therapist or service freely.

Do you offer fee reductions?

Sometimes trainee therapists offer the reduced fee of 40-60 euros (Including VAT) per session. Please contact us to see if we have any interns currently collaborating with us.

Some of our collaborating therapists accommodate changes to their fee structure if you are unable to afford the fees and are in genuine need.

Take a look at what clients that have seen one of our therapists say.  




We don't

What we don’t do




We can offer referrals to appropriate services.

Can I speak to someone urgently?

Our sessions are by appointment only. We don’t manage clinically severe concerns. 

We are not a crisis service and cannot guarantee immediate response to contact outside of booked sessions. 

If you are in crisis, see our resources page for hospitals in Barcelona and helpline numbers.




discovery call

Why isn't the discovery call with a therapist?

The goal of the 20-minute discovery call is to explore the next steps with you and match you to a suitable therapist.

Our Intake Coordinator (who is also psychology-trained) will call via Whatsapp to understand your concerns and find the best fit for you or recommend an external referral.

Do I need to wear a mask during a session?

Therapists and clients can use either masks or face shields but this is not compulsory as all rooms have been measured to ensure we have the required minimum distance between therapist and client. 

Therapy is also a service that requires faces to be uncovered. You can, and your therapist will, wear a mask if you wish.

Also, remember if there is a lockdown or you, or your therapist, is quarantined within 48 hours of the session, then we will move the session online if it is an in-office session.


covid measures


waiting room

When should I arrive for my first session, is there a waiting room available?

Due to Covid restrictions, the waiting room is not available at present. Please buzz just minutes before your session and your therapist will attend to you.

Please note that your therapist will likely be in session just before seeing you, please be patient and wait for them to open the door. 

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Depending on the volume of requests we receive we can offer appointments the next day, in a couple of days or in a week or two. It will depend on the availability of the most adequate professional.


waiting list


longer sessions

Can I have the first session longer than 50 minutes?

The first session is always 50 minutes. For subsequent sessions, please speak to your therapist.

Can I book more than one session in advance?

Yes! After your first session you can arrange more than one subsequent session in advance directly with your therapist. 

It is recommended to book 6 to 8 sessions in advance as good therapeutic outcomes tend to come from consistent therapy attendance.


Advance sessions



If my therapist is on holiday can I see someone else in the meantime?

Yes. You can see another member of our team, just reach out to us to organise this.

Can I have a first session with a couple of therapists to see which one would be the best fit?

We can book appointments with only one therapist at the time. 

If after the first couple of sessions you feel that your therapist is not the right fit, please contact us so we can facilitate a new match


various therapists


online therapy

How do online therapy sessions work?

Virtual therapy sessions are just like normal sessions, except that technology can present challenges which we cannot control at times.

For the session (50 minutes duration) to remain private, it is important for you to choose a time and place that enables you to fully engage without the possibility of interruption. Please remove any other distractions and use headphones to prevent unwanted sound feedback.

The link to join your therapist will be in your booking email or your therapist will send you a link.

You will need to schedule an appointment at a time that suits both our time zones if you are not in Barcelona, Spain. Our time zone is CET [Central European Time].

Please check The World Clock Time Zone Converter to determine the difference in time between your location and Barcelona. Missed sessions will be charged if you have not attended to the time difference when scheduling appointments.

How do I pay?

You will pay for your first session via direct deposit, Wise or PayPal, whichever method your therapist prefers. You will need to pay at the time of booking to confirm your session. This is to ensure therapists’ time is used effectively as it reduces no-shows.

We will provide payment details in the booking email.

After the first session, your therapist will tell you their preferred method of payment which may be cash, direct deposit, Bizum, PayPal, Wise transfer or some other method that works for you both.



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