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How do I make an appointment?

The quickest way to an appointment is to complete our intake form so we have all the info to match you to a therapist.

We will usually respond to you within 24-48 hours Monday – Friday.

Depending on the volume of requests we receive we can offer appointments as soon as you and the therapist have availability, usually within a few days to a couple of weeks. 

If the appropriate professional has a waitlist we will give you referrals in-house, the option to go on their waitlist, or referrals out in the community if you cannot wait.

What happens in sessions?

Read this article for a rough road map of the therapy process.

In your first sessions, we’ll be clarifying your concerns and mapping out a plan to achieve your goals. You will have completed the intake form and your therapist will be familiar with the information you provide.

Later consultations allow you space to explore, perhaps giving you appropriate  coping skills.

Your therapist will tailor the therapy to your needs and goals. Their approach to helping will depend on the therapeutic framework they use, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused, Person Centred, Existential, Art Therapy and many more.

If you don’t feel a fit with your therapist, just get back in touch with our Intake Coordinator and we can organise a new match, no problem.


What to expect


free session

Is the first session free?

The first session is not free. It’s an initial session that is 50 minutes long to get to know new clients and begin to assess goals and needs.

You can see our therapists’ current fees here

Why don’t you meet our team of qualified therapists and find out who you’d like to work with?

Do you take insurance?

Therapy in Barcelona is a private therapy service which ensures full confidentiality. This means you must first pay in full for your session then submit your invoice to your insurance company.

Your therapist can provide you with invoices if you would like to seek reimbursement from your insurer for your sessions. We do not guarantee reimbursement.

We recommend you talk to your insurer about your level of coverage and the possibility of reimbursement before making an appointment.

It is important to note that all therapists are psychology-trained but offer their services as therapists here in Spain so they are unable to provide you with a collegiate number.

As we do not offer a medical service, we charge VAT for our sessions. You may be able to claim these sessions as a service you have been provided when you submit your tax return if you are working freelance here in Barcelona.

You can pay using direct deposit, PayPal, Bizum, cash and more. We’ll let you know the preferred payment method of your therapist.




i need to cancel

What if I need to cancel a session?

If you want to change or cancel an appointment, we require two working days, or 48 hours* notice to give us a reasonable chance to fill that appointment time.

If you don’t keep an appointment we will charge you the full fee for it, as it could have been given to another client in need.

Please note, we reserve the right to move in-office sessions online if a therapist or client is quarantined or a lockdown is in force.

*Our collaborating therapists’ policy may differ and they will let you know this in the first session.

What if I am late for a session?

If you let us know you will be late, then we will wait until you arrive and complete the remainder of time left in your session with you. 

If you do not let us know that you will be late, then we will wait 20 minutes for you before counting it as a missed session and charging you full fee for late cancellation*.

*Our collaborating therapists’ policy may differ and they will let you know this in the first session.


i'm late



Are there any packages?

We prefer not to offer packages* so you can change therapist or service freely.

*Some collaborating therapists may offer packs of sessions only if you feel there is a fit. Ask your therapist if they do once you start working together.

Do you offer fee reductions?

Sometimes trainee therapists offer reduced fees. Please contact us to see if we have any interns currently collaborating with us.

Some of our collaborating therapists accommodate changes to their fee structure if you are unable to afford the fees and are in genuine need. However, these places are in high demand and usually taken.

Take a look at what clients that have seen one of our therapists say.  




We don't

What we don’t do




We can offer referrals to appropriate services.

Can I speak to someone urgently?

Our sessions are by appointment only

We are not a crisis service and cannot guarantee immediate response to contact outside of booked sessions. 

If you are in crisis, see our resources page for hospitals in Barcelona and helpline numbers.




discovery call

Why isn't the discovery call with a therapist?

The goal of the discovery call is to explore the next steps with you and match you to a suitable therapist.

Our Intake Coordinator will call you via Whatsapp to understand your concerns and find the best fit for you or recommend an external referral.

Can I book two therapists at once?

No, we allow only one booking at a time, to allow other clients in need to be able to also see a therapist as soon as possible.

You can book a session with one therapist and then if you feel there is not a fit, you can easily change professional


2 Therapists


waiting room

When should I arrive for my first session, is there a waiting room available?

No, there is no waiting room available, but there are several cafes very close to our office on Carrer de Parìs

Please buzz just minutes before your session and your therapist will attend to you.

Please note that your therapist will likely be in session just before seeing you, please be patient and wait for them to open the door. 

How quickly can I get an appointment?

It will depend on the availability of the most adequate professional. 

We won’t just match you with any available therapist if they do not offer a fit with your needs.

We offer the opportunity to be on the waitlist of the most appropriate professional for your concerns. 

Alternatively, we’ll offer an external referral if you, or we, assess that you cannot wait. 

Your care is always our priority.


waiting list


longer sessions

Can I have the first session longer than 50 minutes?

The first session is generally always 50 minutes but some collaborators prefer to offer 90 minute sessions, especially with couples. 

Ask the Intake Coordinator about session length when booking the appointment.

Can I book more than one session in advance?

Yes! After your first session it is best to arrange 6-8 subsequent sessions in advance directly with your therapist. 

It is recommended to book 6 to 8 sessions in advance as good therapeutic outcomes come from consistent therapy attendance.


Advance sessions



If my therapist is on holiday can I see someone else in the meantime?

Yes. You can see another member of our team, just reach out to us to organise this.

Can I have a first session with a couple of therapists to see which one would be the best fit?

We can book appointments with only one therapist at the time. 

If after the first couple of sessions you feel that your therapist is not the right fit, please contact us so we can facilitate a new match


various therapists


online therapy

How do online therapy sessions work?

Virtual therapy sessions are just like normal sessions, except that technology can present challenges that we cannot control at times.

For the therapy session to remain private, it is important for you to choose a time and place that enables you to fully engage without the possibility of interruption. Please remove any other distractions and use headphones to prevent unwanted sound feedback.

The link to join your therapist will be in your booking email or your therapist will send you a link.

You will need to schedule an appointment at a time that suits both our time zones if you are not in Barcelona, Spain. Our time zone is CET [Central European Time].

Please check The World Clock Time Zone Converter to determine the difference in time between your location and Barcelona. Missed sessions will be charged if you have not attended to the time difference when scheduling appointments.

How do I pay?

You will pay for your first session via direct deposit, Wise or Bizum, whichever method your therapist prefers. 

You will need to pay at the time of booking to confirm your session. This is to ensure therapists’ time is used effectively as it reduces no-shows.

We will provide payment details in the booking email.

After the first session, your therapist will tell you their preferred method of payment which may be cash, direct deposit, Bizum, Wise transfer or some other method that works for you both.

You can see all therapists’ fees here




gift certificates

How do gift certificates for therapy sessions work?

A Therapy in Barcelona Gift Certificate makes for a great gift. Gift Certificates delivered by email include a unique 8-digit code. 

A Gift Certificate is valid for online or in office sessions. Contact info@therapyinbarcelona.com to organise your sessions.

Let us know the unique Gift Certificate code and complete an intake form so we can match you to a therapist for your sessions.

There may be a wait time if the best match therapist for you has a wait list.

Your Gift Certificate will be valid for twelve months after the date of purchase. The exact expiration date will be included on the Gift Certificate.

Which therapy is right for me?

There might be several that are a good fit for your needs! 

Our collaborating therapists offer different therapies. We will make a match but the final choice is yours.

Keep in mind that all of our collaborating therapists use a combination of techniques from different types of therapy tailored to suit you and your needs.

It’s OK to try one approach, find that it doesn’t work for you, and try a different type.

We offer Person Centred, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Existential, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFT), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We also offer Logotherapy, Existential, Person-Centered, Gestalt, Attachment, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic and Body-Centered, or Somatic Approaches.

Further we offer REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy), Relational Therapy, Systemic, Schema Therapy, EMDR, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy,  MiCBT, AEDP, Positive Psychology, and Third Wave Cognitive Therapy approaches, including Mindfulness.




number of sessions

How many sessions do I need?

We usually recommend at least 6-8 weekly sessions to start with. However, the number and frequency of appointments you will need depend on many factors.

It has been found that weekly sessions for 12-16 weeks are most productive, but that varies depending on the client and the concerns.

You can speak with your therapist about it during the first session.

Remember, if you don’t feel a fit with your therapist, you can always come back to our Intake Coordinator and request another match.

What is the general goal of therapy?

Overall the goal of therapy is to improve your well-being.

Whether that is helping you to achieve your potential, improve relationships, deal with anxiety or depression, or learn strategies to cope, the goal is usually to feel better.

Therapy is not like a medical doctor visit. Getting better calls for an active effort on your part and takes time. For therapy to be most successful, you will have to work on things talked about both during sessions and at home.

Your therapist will do their best to assist you. However, therapists cannot offer you a guarantee you will find the outcome you are seeking, particularly if you are attending relationship counselling.





Will I have homework?

Some of our therapists include homework as a part of the therapeutic process.

Homework can make therapy more effective and clients who do it consistently may have better outcomes.

You can speak to your therapist about this during the first session.

If I have less frequent sessions (biweekly, monthly), does it mean it won’t work as well?

If you go to the gym infrequently will you get the same results as if you attend consistently

Therapy is like the gym in this respect. It requires a consistent weekly commitment for the first 6-8 sessions at least.

Depending on the severity of your concerns and your needs, in some cases moving to biweekly or monthly sessions after the initial period is sufficient for a client to maintain their well-being.

You can speak to your therapist about their recommendation of the frequency of your sessions.


session Frequency


Telling People

Should I share with my family/ friends that I go to therapy?

It is your decision whether to share with your family and friends that you go to therapy.

Of course, we think therapy is great and we are all for breaking mental health stigma!


Why do therapists have different fees? Is the one with a higher fee better?

Our therapists are independent contractors, so they set their own fees.

You can see the current fees by clicking here.

It is not an indicator of one therapist being better than another.

It is true that less experienced therapists may charge less but some therapists keep their fees lower to make therapy more accessible.


Therapist Fees


Sharing Therapists

Can I see the same therapist as my partner, family member or friend?

In our care for clients, we suggest seeing a different, unbiased therapist from the one your partner is seeing.

This provides a safe environment and no conflict for a therapist due to the unintentional influence of work with one client on work with another.

If your friend or family member‘s therapy is not about your relationship, it is possible they can see the same therapist.

Please ask our Intake Coordinator or your therapist for more guidance.

My partner doesn’t want to go to therapy, but might join later on.
Can I start individual sessions, and have my partner join in couples sessions? OR Can my individual therapist also be my couples therapist?

We recommend seeing a separate therapist for individual sessions and couples sessions.

Once you start seeing your therapist you develop a relationship of trust and safety: it’s your safe space

If your partner is keen to join couples therapy, it’s best to find an unbiased professional to see you together.

You can see two therapists at the same time (one for individual, and one for couples sessions).





What if I need medication, do you have a doctor?

We don’t have a doctor or psychiatrist on our team, but we can refer you to English-speaking doctors in Barcelona.

Is it better to see a male, female, or non-binary therapist?

The most important thing is that you are seeing a therapist who provides a safe and non-judgmental space for you.

There might be a preference of seeing a male, female or non-binary therapist depending on the concerns that bring you to therapy and, ultimately, the choice is yours. You can read more about it here.





What are the different therapy approaches?

Different therapies take different approaches. Different approaches are effective for different issues and clients. Therapists often combine approaches to tailor therapy to each unique client.

Third Wave and Cognitive Therapies are more goal-focused and work on thoughts and behaviours. Homework and concrete strategies for changing your relationship to thoughts, feelings and situations are standard.

Psychodynamic, psychoanalytic and humanistic therapies seek to change behaviours, thoughts and feelings by exploring the past, interactions in the therapeutic relationship, and unconscious motivations.

Humanistic therapies emphasise free will and your ability to make decisions for yourself. Themes of self-responsibility, meaning, and respect for your lived experience are paramount. Deep discussions or creative interventions are common.

Your previous experience of what was useful in therapy and your preferences are important.

You can switch therapists at any time and try a new approach if that feels right for you.

Online vs in-person? Which is better?

Online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. Virtual therapy sessions are just like normal sessions, except that technology can present challenges that we cannot control at times.

In-person therapy is a unique experience that cannot be replicated by online therapy so we do recommend in-office sessions if you are in Barcelona and able to take the time to come to our offices.


Online or in office


Online Fees

Are online sessions cheaper than in-person sessions?

Online sessions are the same price as in-person appointments.

Online sessions require the same expertise, preparation, care and commitment from the therapist who will be seeing you.

Is therapy as successful with a young therapist?

A therapist’s age is not an essential factor for a successful therapeutic outcome.

Research* suggests that over 80% of the positive outcomes of therapy are due to the relationship between a therapist and client. The therapist’s warmth, empathy, and respect for the client are key to this relationship.

*Sharpley, Jeffrey and McMah (2006)


Therapist Age


Therapist Experience

Is a more experienced therapist better?

Although some clients feel better and prefer to work with a more experienced therapist, or with a therapist of a certain age, research* has not shown experience as an indicator for a successful therapy process.

*Goldberg, S., Rousmaniere, T., Miller, S., Whipple, J., Nielsen, S., Hoyt, W., & Wampold, B. (2016). 

Why can't you provide a diagnosis? Does it mean you are not a psychologist?

All of our therapists are psychology-trained in their home countries, so yes! they are all psychologists.

However, they work as therapists and counsellors and not under the title of psychologist in Spain, so they do not provide formal diagnoses or psychological assessments while working in Spain.

If you are looking for a diagnosis, we can offer you a referral outwards.





Do all therapists work in the same office or do they have their own offices?

Therapy in Barcelona has a beautiful and inviting office located in a stunning Modernista building in the beautiful Eixample Esquerra neighbourhood in Barcelona.

All therapists work from Carrer de Paris 162, 3o, 1a 08036 Barcelona.

You can see a link to a map and info about parking, public transport and bicing on our contact page.

Can I be placed on a waitlist for more than one therapist?

Yes. We do offer the opportunity to be on the waitlist for more than one therapist if they are both a suitable fit for you.

The wait can be from 2-8 weeks and we will update you on the waitlist about once every 4-8 weeks, depending on how much movement there is.

When a new time slot is opened you will be notified immediately. Due to the high demand of intakes received it is crucial to hear back from you within 24 hours from when the appointment is offered. That way it is not offered to another client in need.

Please respond to our appointment offer even if you are not available. If we do not hear back from you we will remove you from the waitlist.

Make sure our email address is whitelisted (add info@therapyinbarcelona.com to your contacts) so it does not go to spam and you can take advantage of our latest updates!

Your care is always our priority.


Two Waitlists


Double Session

Can I book a double session?

You can book only one session for the first session with your therapist.

Speak to your therapist about having more than one session in a row for subsequent meetings.

Can I book two therapists at once?

No, we allow only one booking at a time, to allow other clients in need to be able to also see a therapist as soon as possible.

You can book a session with one therapist and then if you feel there is not a fit, you can easily try a session with another professional! 


Two Therapists


Practitioner Type

What is the difference between psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and coaches?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have qualified in psychiatry. They can diagnose and prescribe medication.

A psychotherapist may be a psychiatrist or psychologist who has had further specialist training in psychotherapy. There are also psychotherapists who do not have backgrounds in the above fields but have in-depth training in this area.

Therapists tend to focus more on the past or present and future while coaches tend to focus only on the present and the future.   

Do you have more questions?

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