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Thank you for your inquiry regarding a consultation with Therapy in Barcelona.

We know it’s a big step to start therapy and we’d like to help you to feel less anxious about the process.

These Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] provide you with information about what we do and how we work.

Contact us

You can make an appointment by emailing us info@therapyinbarcelona.com or filling out a contact form here

You can also call or Whatsapp our Intake Coordinator via +34 644 522 369 Monday – Friday 10-1600

We will usually respond to you within 24-48 hours Monday – Thursday, depending on the volume of requests we receive.

You can also get the process started and be allocated to one of our collaborators sooner, by filling out our intake form for children and adolescents here OR for adults or couples here

Please note that the person you speak to will not be our collaborating therapists, they are usually in session with current clients.

The best way to get in contact is by emailing us at info@therapyinbarcelona.com 

We do not communicate with clients via Facebook or Instagram. 

If you do wish to have further information our intake coordinator will assist you in scheduling a complimentary 20 minute discovery call after you have completed the intake form which you can find a link to here

Our Intake Coordinator will speak with you, and you can read more about her here 

We speak English and many other languages (see our team’s profiles here). 

We have a whole team of collaborating therapists from all over the world. We offer a wide variety of specialisations making it easier to find your therapist.

No one size fits all when it comes to therapy. We have a whole team of caring professionals to make it easier to match a therapist to your concerns and needs. Our Intake Coordinator will explain the process and help match you to one of our therapists.

We take our work seriously and hold ourselves, and each other, to a high standard of professionalism.

Our therapists work in a team, share insights and support each other, day to day, and at team meetings every fortnight. This means your therapist is always working in a supportive environment and reflecting on their professional practice. 

If you need a referral to another therapist for couples’ therapy, or for some other reason, we can refer in house. That means you don’t have to go through the  stress of a whole intake process again and meeting a new therapist or going to a new space.

We have a lovely space to welcome you in to for your sessions. 

We have been helping Barcelona’s international community since 2011 so we have experience in the issues internationals face.

We are connected to our international community. See some of the events we take part in here 

Contact us


We offer a complimentary 20 minute discovery call via Whatsapp to explore the next steps with you if  you request this. This call will be with our Intake Coordinator equipped to understand your concerns and able to match you to a suitable therapist or external referral.

You can see our therapy team here.

You can meet our intake coordinator here

Our collaborating therapists cannot offer free sessions. They are usually in session with their current clients. 

Counselling and coaching are an investment in both the present and the future.

The skills you learn, the support and insight you receive, will not only help you manage your current situation, but will also become a valuable skill set for the rest of your life. 

You’ll gain self-knowledge, and knowledge that helps you to cope with stress, communication, relationships, work, and many more issues that may arise. 

Please talk to the therapist you are matched with if you are in financial difficulty and need a fee reduction.

Our collaborating therapists are a group of caring and experienced professionals from all over the world. Meet the team here.

No, simply email us at info@therapyinbarcelona.com 

You can also get the process started and be allocated to one of our collaborators sooner, by filling out our intake form for children and adolescents here or for adults or couples here

Contact us.

We offer appointments from 0900 am to 0800 pm on weekdays, depending on the availability of each therapist. Some of our therapists offer weekend appointments, especially the Child and Adolescent Therapists who know that it can be hard to co-ordinate sessions with school and family commitments.

Contact us.

If you are in Barcelona, all our therapists offer face to face sessions at our center on Calle de Paris 162-164, 3o, 1a Barcelona 08036

If you are not in Barcelona or cannot make it in person, we offer internet or telephone sessions. Usually your counsellor would send you a link to doxy.me or use skype or google hangouts if they are your preferred platforms. Contact us.

We are close to Metro Hospital Clinic/Diagonal L3/L5/L6/L7; FGC Provenca; Buses 68, 63, 67, V13, 6, 59, 54, V11; Bicing stations C/Villaroel 208, C/Londres 101, C/Corsega 216, Diagonal, and numerous private parkings close by.

 Check TMB Barcelona or Google maps to map your journey here.

Therapy is an investment in your wellbeing. It doesn’t last forever and leaves you with lasting tools and insights. The value you will gain is something you can carry and utilise for the rest of your life. When you pay for therapy sessions and reach your goals you set with your therapist, you are investing in a better life for yourself.

Our collaborators set their own prices, but these are the generally agreed upon fees (including VAT) for 50 minute sessions:

Individual     70€* 

Couples         80€ *

Family           80€*

Kids/Teens   70€* 

Letters/Documentation  60€*


Prices may be subject to change at the discretion of our collaborators and some of our collaborators ask you to come for 1.5 hours for your initial session which may be up to 100€ (including VAT).

Some of the collaborating therapists accommodate changes to their fee structure if you are unable to afford the fees and are in genuine need.  You must speak to the collaborating therapist about this at first session.

Contact us.

We accept cash in session for the first face-to-face appointment. Some of our collaborators accept direct deposits or cards, but you need to organise this with the person you are seeing after the first session as all the therapists have their preferred ways of taking payment.

For online or telephone sessions, we may accept a bank transfer 48 hours before session. You need to send us proof of transfer. Given our clients are located all over the world, to help us keep track of payments, we ask you to pay the full amount ALWAYS before session. Sorry, we can never make exceptions to this request. Please speak to your therapist about this.

Contact us.

Unfortunately, like most english-speaking providers in Barcelona, we do not have any arrangements with insurers. You need to discuss with your insurer their criteria for reimbursement of sessions and determine if we meet that criteria. We do not guarantee any reimbursement of sessions and it is your responsibility to determine if the criteria will be met.

As we are all psychologists in our home countries, offering our services as coaches and counsellors here in Barcelona, we do not offer diagnoses or work as clinicians, meaning we charge VAT for our sessions. You may be able to claim these sessions as a service you have been provided when you submit your tax return if you are autonomo here in Barcelona. 

Contact us.

Most people do not need a large number of consultations, depending on the nature and seriousness of what you wish to address. The collaborator will try to give you an estimate of how many consultations they would suggest, at your first consultation. Most people space their consultations one week apart for the first few consults and then two or three weeks apart. This also spreads out costs. Of course, this depends on you, how the collaborator works, the severity of your concerns and the progress you make.

Contact us.

If you are late and you let us know you will be late, then we will wait until you arrive. If you are late, and you do not let us know that you will be late, then we will wait 20 minutes for you before counting it as a missed session and charging you full fee for late cancellation.

If you want to change or cancel an appointment, we require two working days, or 48 hours notice to give us a reasonable chance to fill that appointment time. If you don’t keep an appointment we will charge you the full fee for it, as it could have been given to another client in need.

We will take a history from you to help us get a clear picture of your problem, and what goals you want to achieve. Later consultations usually involve us allowing you space to explore, perhaps giving you information and suggestions and supporting you to learn appropriate living or coping skills.

Each collaborator has a different approach to helping, based on the frameworks they use, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative, Solution-Focus, Person Centered, Emotion Centered,  Existential, Psychoanalytic, Transactional Analysis, Art Therapy and many more.

The intake process is designed to help us match you to a therapist and an appropriate framework, based on your concerns and goals for your sessions. You can complete an intake form here

What is certain, is that every collaborator will provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to explore your concerns.

We use evidence-based tools. We choose approaches with a solid scientific basis, so what we do is likely to be helpful and unlikely to be harmful.

If your concerns are outside of our realm of expertise and experience, are clinical concerns, require formal diagnoses or more complex assistance, we will refer you through appropriate channels to get you the help you need.

Contact us.

As part of providing a service to you, Therapy in Barcelona’s intake officers and collaborators will need to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your current situation.

All information and records regarding you will be kept strictly confidential.

The details of our policy for management of personal information are set out below and in our privacy policy 

We will not release any information about you to anyone else, unless you give us a written and signed request to do so.

There are some possible exceptions to this rule (which rarely ever occur in the course of normal counselling):
1. If you were referred to a collaborator at Therapy in Barcelona by another professional, we may send a brief report to him or her. This is a customary courtesy to the person making the referral so that he or she knows what is being done for you. If you want to see that report before it is sent, please tell us. If you don’t want a report sent, please tell us and we will inform the person making the referral.
2. If we are subpoenaed to appear in court, we would not be allowed to withhold from the court any information you have given us.
3. If there is an overriding legal or social obligation to do so, we may disclose information to the relevant authorities about a client’s serious criminal acts.
4. If you indicate that you seriously intend to hurt or kill yourself, or someone else, we are obliged to notify potential helpers or victims. If a child is at risk of harm we are obliged to notify the appropriate authorities.
5. If you are legally a minor (under 18 years of age), we are obliged to keep your parent(s) or guardian(s) informed of your progress, if they ask. But we are not obliged to give them details of discussions with you.

All of our therapists participate in professional supervision, which means that your case may be discussed though you will not be identified. If you do not wish for this to happen, you can let us know.

Contact us.

You will need to schedule an appointment at a time that suits both our time zones if you are not in Barcelona Spain.
Our time zone is CET [Central European Time].
Please check The World Clock Time Zone Converter to determine the difference in time between your location and Barcelona.
We do not take responsibility for time conversion or keeping time where you are and missed sessions will be charged if you have not attended to the time difference when scheduling appointments.
You will also need to ensure that you have transferred your fee for the session at least 48 hours before the session so that we know the transfer is complete.

You will need a computer with a good internet connection, a webcam with a built-in microphone or a webcam and a separate set of headphones with attached microphone – headphones prevent unwanted sound feedback.

We will most likely send you a link for Doxy.me, Zoom or Google Meet and you just need to click on that link to join the collaborator in their online room. Otherwise, you will need to have downloaded and installed Skype and added us as a contact. For the session (50 minutes duration) to remain private and uninterrupted, please choose a time and place that enables you to have privacy. Otherwise, the session is just like a normal face-to-face session.

Contact us.

The procedure is the same as for online therapy (above) except that you will need to place the call to us (or, better still, use the WhatsApp, Google Hangouts  or Skype App on your smartphone or computer) and, for the session (50 minutes duration) to remain private, it is important for you to choose a time and place that enables you to fully engage without the possibility of interruption. Please remove any other distractions. You will also need to ensure that you have transferred your fee for the session 48 hours before the session so that we know the transfer is complete. Otherwise, the session is just like a normal session, except that technology can present challenges which we cannot control at times.

Contact us.

Our sessions are by appointment only. We are not a crisis service and cannot guarantee immediate response to contact outside of booked sessions. We do not manage clinically severe concerns. 

If you are in crisis, please see your Doctor, go to your local hospital emergency department or call for an ambulance (in Spain 061). If you require immediate counselling in English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please call Costa Blanca Samaritans (in Spain) FREE CALL +34 900 525 100 Whatsapp  +34 63 432 5906


Our service is by appointment only.
Calle de Paris 162-164, 3o, 1a Barcelona 08036
Opening Hours 0800am - 0900pm
Email: info@therapyinbarcelona.com
Whatsapp: +34 644 522 369

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Emergencies & Support

We are not a crisis service.
If you need immediate assistance, please go to your local hospital emergency department. The essential phone numbers in Barcelona, Spain are 061 (medical emergencies, multilingual) or 112 (emergency).
Samaritans in Spain offer emotional support from trained listeners in Spain (in english)FREE CALL 900 525 100 from 10am – 10pm 365 days a year or Whatsapp 63 432 5906