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feelings of anxiety

Easing anxiety

You worry excessively and you can’t avoid it.

You sense something will go wrong. Will my child’s new school be OK? Am I suitable for the job? 

You might be experiencing dizziness or shortness of breath. Or might have a constant nagging feeling in your stomach.

Many reasons can set off anxiety. 

Reshaping your life in another country is a known trigger.

In therapy, we will help you mitigate this feeling with tools and strategies.

See what our clients
say after seeing
one of our therapists

I was very anxious to start therapy when I first contacted Therapy in Barcelona. I was very glad to have found a place that offered therapy in English, as it is more comfortable and also with therapists that are also foreigners in Spain, as cultural differences may be easier to understand. I was met with no judgement in the way I thought about life and myself, which was very reassuring and calming. I think already a month or two after starting weekly sessions my family noticed a change, and are now proud of my more positive attitude and higher confidence. I couldn't have made a better choice than to ask for help nor found a better place and therapist, I feel. Thank you to the Therapy in Barcelona team!

Approachable and easy sessions and the availability of therapists working in different languages is helpful for foreigners living in Barcelona

Intake process was great and very quick, and my preferences and goals were taken into account when a therapist was chosen for me.

I don't think I would have been able to accomplish this much without my therapist's help and guidance. From the very beginning, I felt very comfortable during our conversations. She has helped me so much, provided me so much new insights and I'm very grateful for it.

Just talking things over has already been a great help. Preparing for the sessions by reflecting on things and noting them down also helped. I will never forget my first session, how sad and hopeless I felt, and all the doubts I had, that therapy is not a bad or shameful thing to do. Each session was a relief and my therapist taught me and shared so many things that I know I will always remember and will help me to face any difficulties. Thank you for listening and all your help.

Are you afraid you won’t “click” with your therapist?

Rather than being immediate, it takes around 4 sessions to build a strong connection and shared understanding with your therapist. 

We match you up with a therapist based on the information you entered on the intake form (including your therapist preference if you had one) or the information we gathered during the discovery call.

However, there is still a possibility you won’t “click”. If this is the case, you can contact us to ask for a change, and your therapist may recommend another in-house professional who might be a better fit.

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