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feelings of depression

Recovering from depression, sadness or loneliness

Are you feeling down and longing for your old life? 

Do you have everything you wanted but feel you are unable to enjoy it? 

Are you stuck and can’t move on?  

Depression can manifest itself in many different ways and is a common concern among expats.

Therapy can offer you a safe and confidential space in which to explore your feelings and work on strategies to help you feel better.

See what our clients
say after seeing
one of our therapists

I think seeing my therapist is definitely helping me to start to put into action concrete steps to improve which on my own I had sort of contemplated but couldn't bring myself to do anything about. I get exceedingly embarrassed very easily so it is a testament to my therapist’s very approachable nature that I feel quite comfortable talking to her about almost everything.

I don't have enough good words to say about my therapist! She is amazing at making me feel listened to and at breaking down what feel like huge problems into smaller more manageable ones. She is receptive when I say that something isn't working for me and doesn't try to pretend she has magic solutions to unsolvable problems. I am so grateful to her, and will definitely book more sessions in the future if/when needed. She has made a huge difference to my life.

My therapist cares about YOU and YOUR problems. When you’re feeling bad it can be hard to wait for a weekly visit so she will send you little tasks or things to read. She hasn’t forgotten about you or is just there to take the money. She is certainly the best therapist I have had, although I hadn’t thought that I had had bad therapists before meeting my therapist. Therapists in my past had just listened while I cried and moaned but this therapist wanted to point me in the right direction so that I would heal myself without having to rely on others.

We can do that!

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