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Fistful of Impermanence

Fistful of Impermanence

Leigh is an Australian Psychologist and founder of Therapy in Barcelona.

Here she offers you a brief exercise for trying to “come to grips” with impermanence. This is a useful exercise for helping us realise that thoughts, feelings, experiences, sensations etc we have throughout our day, both comfortable and uncomfortable, come and go. When we observe the way everything is impermanent, then it is easier to accept feelings, rather than get caught up in suffering over our suffering by thinking “this will never end.”

Rest assured, all feelings, even uncomfortable feelings come to pass, as will this time of confinement.

Every day or so, you will hear from one of our collaborating therapists at Therapy in Barcelona on ways to stay calm, resilient, and well during this challenging time.

Leigh, like all of our therapists, is offering ONLINE and TELEPHONE THERAPY.

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