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Fun Activities For Kids in Coronavirus Lockdown

Fun Activities For Kids in Coronavirus Lockdown

Fun Activities For Kids in Coronavirus Lockdown

Our list of activities is a life saver these days as we try to move through this challenging moment of lockdown. In Barcelona we can’t leave the house with our kids, so finding ways to move, have fun, learn, relax etc is tough. My son and I look at the list and pick things out everyday. Heres a meta-list, combined from various sites. We hope it helps you.


and secondly…


87 Active Indoor Games and Activities for Kids from What Moms Love

Approximately 101 Things to Do. Yes, there are numbers missing in this list below!! This is adapted for lockdown from MyKidsTime)

#1. Go on a scenic drive through Banff National Park
#2. Measure a Tree or plant on your balcony
#3. Plant some seeds on your balcony
#4. Make a secret code
#5. Create a time capsule
#6. Make marshmallows
#7. Create a collage out of magazines
#8. Make paper girls or boys
#9. Read a book
#10. Run around the house 10 times and time yourself
#11. Make bubbles
#12. Treasure hunt
#13. Make a Bird Feeder
#14. Learn a new instrument
#15. Write a Haiku
#16. Draw on the balcony floor or terrace with chalk
#17. Create a weather station
#18. Make slime
#19. Dress up
#20. Draw a fun factory
#21. Make a paper airplane that flies across the room
#22. Have a scavenger hunt in the home
#24. Jump up and down on the bed 100 times
#25. Draw a comic book
#26. Paint a picture
#27. Have an arm wrestling match
#28. Make finger or sock puppets
#29. Colour a picture
#30. Play hopscotch
#31. Make honeycomb or something else if you don’t have the ingredients

#34. Sort out your toys
#35. Draw your city
#36. Create a play
#37. Sun shadows
#38. Go cloud watching from your window
#39. Play a game of Beggar My Neighbour
#40. Photograph a rainbow of things
#41. Make a fortune teller
#42. Create a Fairy Garden in side
#43. Make pizza dough
#44. Bake cookies
#45. Build a card house
#46. Play Paper, Scissors, Rock
#47. Make a Family Newspaper
#48. Make jelly
#49. Take care of your pet/s if you have one
#50. Learn a magic trick
#51. Make a marble run
#52. Play solitaire (with cards)
#53. Try blow art
#54. Create a self-portrait
#55. Wash the car
#56. Build a new Lego creation
#57. Make a flick book
#58. Learn a card trick
#59. Go for a pretend, indoor bike ride, use a YouTube video 

#60. Make a smoothie
#61. Fly a kite
#62. Play marbles
#63. Tidy your room
#64. Go on a virtual scenic drive
#65. Write a letter and post it when this is over
#66. Make a musical instrument
#67. Go on a sound hunt
#68. Do 25 star jumps or burpees
#69. Make play dough
#70. Paint a rock
#71. Sort out your Lego
#72. Make some soup
#73. Sing a song
#74. Go on an alphabet hunt
#75. Make ice lollies
#76. Practise napkin folding into new shapes
#77. Skip 100 times
#78. Write your name in an ancient language
#79. Make invisible ink
#80. Interview your grandma or grandpa
#81. Create a fairy catalogue
#82. Make up a new dance
#83. Make a miniature book
#84. Make s’mores
#85. Listen to a podcast or story
#86. Build an obstacle course
#87. Learn how to sew
#88. Help in the garden on the balcony
#89. Write a short story in 100 words
#90. Make lemonade
#91. Draw your family tree
#92. Help make dinner
#93. Draw around your hands and add rings and a watch
#94. Make gingerbread men
#95. Build a den or fort
#96. Make a sun catcher
#97. Have a disco
#98. Look at old photo albums
#99. Draw your dream house
#100. Make a milkshake
#101. Learn how to knit

and another 33 ideas from EasyMommyLife

  1. Coloring/Painting
  2. Reading – 
  3. Stickers – We started using stickers recently. They are a big hit. 
  4. Balloons
  5. Helping in the kitchen – Get the kids involved in safe activities around the kitchen like mixing things and peeling fruits and vegetables. I usually hand over a bowl and spoon to my son that he uses to mimic me cooking. Another favourite is peeling garlic pods. He enjoys this and I don’t mind the mess.
  6. Helping with laundry – Let them help you sort, stack and fold. It will be clumsy work but keeps them engaged and involved in chores from the beginning.
  7. Pretend play – Buy toy kitchen sets or any other pretend play toys. We play “going to market”. I give my son a bag, he fills it with his favorite fruits and vegetables as if picking it up from the market. Then goes on to cook us a pretend meal. He loves this game and plays it on repeat throughout the day.
  8. Activity bags – When I am busy, I make him an activity bag fill it with different types of toys and bits and bobs from around the house. Get him to sit next to me while he explores the contents of the bag. You can add anything from small toys, combs, hair scrunchies, stickers, pompom balls. But remember to keep an eye on your child even when they are playing by themselves.
  9. Cardboard boxes and sticks
  10. Play outside
  11. Old gadgets – You can give them old phones, tv remotes, calculators or other gadgets around the house to play with.
  12. Baking together – This is a messy activity. But the mess is fun. 
  13. Music and dance
  14. Cardboard box doll house
  15. Wash toys together – Again more water fun, but one that gets some work done too.
  16. Singing songs
  17. Go to the market together
  18. Play hide and seek in the house
  19. Hangman
  20. Find books online and online museums
  21. Play ball
  22. Lego sets 
  23. Trampoline – If you have space indoors or a nice garden area, trampolines are a great choice of toy.
  24. Play “Would you Rather?”
  25. Puzzles 
  26. Build a pillow fortress
  27. Tool Box 
  28. An empty box with toys – My son used an empty plastic box one day and put in as many tiny toys he could fit in it and then proceeded to try out this game for the next half an hour. I was amazed at how curious he was checking to see which toys fit into this box and trying out different combinations of toys each time. This is an example of child-led games. I now give him different sizes of boxes and ask him to put whatever he wants in it. He loves playing this game.
  29. Building blocks
  30. Paper towel rolls
  31. Dough and cookie cutters – Roll out thick circle shaped dough. Then using blunt cookie cutters let them cut out different shapes.
  32. Storytelling

More ideas from Self-Sufficient Kids


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