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Gemma Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in Her Own Words.



Starting therapy is an act of bravery and I work to create a safe environment to support you through the process.

To begin working with me, fill in the intake form.

Hi there

I’m Gemma, a clinical psychologist registered in Australia offering services in Spain as a therapist.

I came to Barcelona wanting to push myself to grow – learning a new language, making new friends and creating a sense of ‘home’ in a new place.

It hasn’t been an easy transition, but it’s been so rewarding and I’ve never looked back.

Drawn to Barcelona for it’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse culture, I look forward to working with it’s exceptional international community.

Registered Australian Clinical Psychologist offering services in Spain as a Therapist

What does working with me feel like?

You will be welcomed with warmth and acceptance. 

I create connection and safety within the therapeutic relationship so you have room for growth and exploration.

We’ll collaborate.

You are the expert in your own life, and my role is to walk alongside you. We’ll work together to improve your psychological wellbeing and reduce suffering.

We will use the best approach for you.

I’ll draw on my toolbox to tailor therapy to best suit your individual needs and goals.

I take my job as a therapist very seriously.

You’ll find I am professional and thoughtful, but I also enjoy sharing a laugh together.

An experience guided by authenticity, compassion, respect, and connection.

These are the values that guide my work with you.

I use evidence-based, effective frameworks.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
(ACT), Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and I offer Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).

I can help you with...

Concerns that we can work on together include (but are not limited to):

Anxiety  | Panic |  Depression  |  Stress  |  Complex Trauma  |  PTSD |  Life Transitions | Difficulty Relating to Others | Work and Academic Life Issues | Life Direction | Fears | OCD | Attachment Issues | Imposter Syndrome | Social Anxiety

Grief and Loss  |  Body Image Concerns | Mild Eating Issues | Self-esteem | Substance Use Concerns

 Gender or Sexuality |  Life Crises  

Dealing with Difficult Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours in General


Have you ever felt like you intellectually understand something (e.g. “I’m a good
person”), but have a nagging feeling within yourself that you just don’t feel it to be true?
EMDR helps to shift that inner, felt experience.

When we experience difficult experiences or traumatic incidents, our brain does it’s best to understand and integrate this information. Our minds are good at helping us survive, but sometimes adopts coping strategies and ways of thinking that are unhelpful and at times detrimental. For example, coping through perfectionism, dissociation, or with drugs or alcohol.

We might also believe things like “I’m unloveable” or “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m a failure.” These beliefs become the root system from which all of our beliefs about ourselves and the world grow.

As an EMDR therapist, I will help you to process these memories so they can
fully heal from the original experience, and you can come to hold a more healthy belief system.

Research shows EMDR to be effective in reducing symptoms of trauma and depression, and in improving self-confidence and our ability to cope with difficult situations.

How does it work?  I guide my clients through a series of eye movements and other bilateral stimulation techniques, such as tapping, to help them process memories, physical sensations, and emotions effectively. This approach is twofold – first, we desensitise the original memory, then we install a more adaptive self-belief. It might seem scary at first, but I’ll be right there with you.

Are you interested in trying EMDR? Complete our intake form and our intake coordinator will get back to you within 48 hours.


I’ve always been a ‘people person’ and find joy in connection with others.

I studied psychology because I was interested in working in a field which has real impact on people’s lives. Psychology was the perfect fit!

I feel lucky to have found a profession that aligns so well with my values of compassion,
acceptance and respectful connection.

It is a privilege to bear witness to the beauty and struggle of peoples’ lived experiences,
and to be able to offer a containing and healing space to find a way through.

So, why did I study psychology?


details about me

I love ocean swimming – even in winter! Being by the sea is my happy place.

I’m an enthusiastic home cook. I find the practice to be a delicious form of meditation.

I believe movement is valuable. You’ll often find me stretching, doing yoga, dancing or swaying.

Let me share an exercise to help you reconnect with the present moment

what clients
say about working with me

It was a superb first session that covered the logistical planning as well as the deep dive personal stuff.

Are you ready to explore and grow in a safe space with a compassionate professional?

Our Intake Coordinator will contact you within 48 hours.

Change is usually uncomfortable and hard, but it is always worth it and I will accompany you.