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grief & loss

Grief and Loss

Sooner or later, everyone experiences some form of loss. Although this is often used to refer to death, it can also be a loss of health, function, job or, a loss of a person or place due to a break-up or move.

A major loss can be one of life’s greatest challenges, and it may take some time to start feeling better, to learn to live without.

Grief is the reaction one has to loss. Grief can be more complicated than simply sadness; often it also involves a mix of emotions such as regret, anger, guilt, and yearning.

Additionally, it can be accompanied by other feelings such as feelings of depression.

Expats encounter many seasons of grief: missing their culture, family, and ways of being and living in their country of origin. Loss also happens as friends move in and out of our lives, especially in Barcelona where many of the members of our international community are transient.

While everyone has different ways of handling this kind of pain, our therapists can accompany you in your grief and help you learn to cope and live with loss in a healthy and meaningful way.

Types of losses our therapists can help you with:

Grief due to break-up, divorce or separation


Anticipating the death of a loved one


Job loss


Death of a loved one


Leaving a place


Missing the place, people or life you left

Loss of a pet


Loss of Health or Function



Miscarriage or still birth


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