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grief & loss

Coping with grief and loss

Have you lost a loved one? Perhaps you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye and you can’t seem to let go.

Have you experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth? You will be mourning your baby and the hopes and dreams you had for them.

Are you separating or divorcing? You cannot avoid missing what there was and what could have been.

Have you lost your job? And it’s been a big blow to your confidence. 

Do you miss your friends? The ones back home or perhaps more recent ones have relocated. Despite your plans to keep in touch, you cannot avoid a feeling of emptiness.

There are many kinds of loss, and everyone deals with it as best they can. 

Our therapists know grief feels like a complex mess of emotions (sadness, regret, guilt, anger, yearning) and can accompany you in your pain.

They can help you learn to cope and live with loss in a healthy and meaningful way.

See what our clients
say after seeing
one of our therapists

My therapist is not only present and caring, but also understands the breadth and depth of the mind and soul, which allows him to navigate each session within a framework that produces consistent breakthroughs.

My therapist is able to make me feel very relaxed but also challenge me & my views.

My therapist speaks perfect english, something that is very important for me, who feels super excluded from social life here, for not speaking Spanish. It was vital that she fully understands me. She's patient, and a very good listener, and is able to offer new insights on my problems as well as methods to change my outlook on life.

I feel so much trust and freeness to speak to with my therapist which I have not easily found with anyone else! She is amazing!

I feel incredibly comfortable and safe with my therapist. I recognise the importance of the therapeutic relationship and I am really happy with the therapy so far.

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