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Working with other people from Barcelona's international community in a safe and supportive environment can be a unique opportunity for growth.

Therapy in Barcelona  regularly hosts collaborator workshops and groups on topics including: mindfulness, grief and loss, empath empowerment, emotions and families, cultural competence, wellbeing, and assertiveness.

Group therapy is an effective and powerful option for therapy.

In our expat therapy groups you will benefit from a supportive atmosphere with other expats guided by a skilled therapist with expertise in, and passion for, the topic.

At Therapy in Barcelona, our groups provide a safe and non-judgmental setting to explore personal issues with others who share the same struggles and experiences as you. This is particularly useful for Barcelona’s expats because of the unique experiences we share of being removed from our regular supports, culture and language.

You & Her. Mothers' & Daughters' Journey. A Conscious approach to understanding the process of Becoming a Woman

Taking New Clients Now

Taking New Clients Now

Taking New Clients

Taking New Clients

Taking New Clients

Taking New Clients

Managing Screen Time November 17 2019

Barcelona International Community Day October 26th 2019

SocialFam First Anniversary Picnic September 28 2019

John Talabot Family Day

Therapeutic Writing Workshop July 2019

Expat Tools for Wellbeing; Stress Management & Mindfulness Workshops by Therapy in Barcelona at Typeform HQ

Taking New Clients Now

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We are not a Crisis Service.

Our service is by appointment only. If you need immediate assistance, please attend your local hospital emergency department. The essential phone numbers in Barcelona, Spain are 061 (medical emergencies) or 112 (emergency).

Samaritans offer crisis support in Spain (in english) FREE CALL 900 525 100 between 10am and 10pm

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