English Speaking Therapists in Barcelona

health issues

Adjusting to health issues

Are you having trouble accepting a newly diagnosed illness? You need to adjust to your new situation to maximise your well-being.

Is your loved one unwell and it’s taking a toll on you? You want to offer your support but you are unsure how to.

Are you having a hard time navigating a different health system in a foreign language? It’s so frustrating, especially when you’re worried about your health. 

Therapy will help you identify what you can control, what you cannot, and how to reconcile the two in order to maximise your well-being.

Are you afraid you won’t “click” with your therapist?

Rather than being immediate, it takes around 4 sessions to build a strong connection and shared understanding with your therapist. 

We match you up with a therapist based on the information you entered on the intake form (including your therapist preference if you had one) or the information we gathered during the discovery call.

However, there is still a possibility you won’t “click”. If this is the case, you can contact us to ask for a change, and your therapist may recommend another in-house professional who might be a better fit.

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