English Speaking Therapists in Barcelona

How to Find a Good Therapist in Barcelona

How to Find a Good Therapist in Barcelona

Amaia from By Your Side BCN talks about the importance of professional support when starting a new family in a city away from home.

Starting a new family in a city away from your home country can bring a lot of challenges. Not having the support from your family, the uncertainty of what the city has to offer for families or the procedures required when having a baby cause additional stress.

Maternity comes with many intense emotions, both beautiful and amazing as well as exhausting and frustrating.

As a mother to my first child, I felt quite lost at the beginning. The lack of sleep and absence of support from my family, who live in another city, made me feel so lonely and exhausted at times. 

Being able to share how you feel helps put things into perspective. Understanding that what you’re going through is normal and that you are not alone will help you navigate all the feelings and changes in the best way possible. 

It was only when I started connecting with other mothers going through similar situations and emotions, that I realised that I wasn´t the only one feeling that way. 

Sometimes, the intensity of those feelings might be a sign that something is not going well and it will require professional support and follow-up. 

How to Find a Good Therapist

Finding a therapist is not an easy task and there are many factors to take into account.


One of the main factors is the connection you feel when you first talk to them. It’s something very particular to each person and will be the basis of the trusted relationship. 


Being able to feel the therapist’s empathy around knowing what you’re going through, is a great help.

Therapy in Your Own Language

Speaking in your own language or the one in which you feel comfortable, makes a difference.

Finding a Good Match

And after all, having the confidence that if the relationship with your therapist is not working over the sessions, you might be able to switch to another better-suited therapist is a must.

Where to Find a Good Therapist in Barcelona?  Therapy in Barcelona 

If you’re living in Barcelona, Therapy in Barcelona gives a broad offering of therapists that will suit your personal needs. They tick all the boxes. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s a very personal process and normally we go to places that have been recommended to us or have great reviews. 

Today I want to talk about Therapy in Barcelona, a great team of multilingual therapists with different areas of expertise located in a beautiful Modernista building in Eixample. Leigh Matthews is the Founder and by talking to her, you can already sense the team spirit and caring atmosphere.

They’re a very connected team that supports each other, constantly looking for what is best for their clients. Being a team helps them find the right match and complement each other with their different sets of skills. 

They care about your connection with your therapist by matching you with a professional after getting to know you.

The fact that they are expats themselves in Barcelona, coming from 13 different countries, helps them understand what you’re going through. Being able to communicate with them in English and different languages like Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Afrikaans, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu or Gujarati is definitely a plus.

I highly recommend them. They have a free discovery call option to explore your preferences and resolve any questions or doubts you might have.

You can find more details on their website.

Finding the right support in such an emotional and special time of your life can make a difference in how you live the experience of motherhood.

Something I experienced myself and the main reason why By your side BCN came to life. After feeling completely lost and puzzled for the first months, I started doing lots of research and met great professionals that helped me understand what I was going through. 

I then realised how comforting it is to meet a good professional after having some previous experiences where I felt like a number. It’s like going to a great music concert and realising what good music is after attending some average concerts. 

I talk about our story a bit more here.

Do you need help finding a good therapist in Barcelona? Somebody who gets you and speaks your language? 

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By Amaia from By Your Side BCN

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