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International Women’s Day 2021

International Women's Day 2021

Happy International Women’s day you amazing woman!!!
Honoured to be asked to contribute some words to @mumabroad_life for #iwd2021
Go to their Facebook or Instagram page MumAbroad to see all the inspo from outstanding women.
I see so many women in my work struggle with self-worth.
They are all amazing, brilliant, strong, beautiful women who have had their self-belief whittled away by messages in our society that tell them: you are not enough.
Well, enough of that!
We must start with ourselves to step up and in to our power to take up the challenge to disrupt inequalities and the deeply entrenched messages that shackle women to self-loathing.
So many women are unable to see their own beauty and power. Surrounded by messages from society that tell us “You are not enough,” we focus our precious energy on feeling unworthy. Reject the critical voices and meditate on your powerful body and remarkable strengths, wisdom, beauty, and talents. Fix your crown. Become your own ally. You are enough. You are absolutely enough. Let that be your mantra: “I am enough”.
– Leigh Matthews, Founder, Therapy in Barcelona

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