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Joanna. Intake Co-ordinator Therapy in Barcelona. In Her Own Words…



I believe we are the sum of what we give to others.

Helping and bringing happiness is an empowering human purpose and also my passion. 

That’s why I do my 100% to match you with a therapist that will best suit you.


I’m Joanna, the Intake and Team Coordinator for Therapy in Barcelona.

I’m originally from Poland and have lived abroad for over 10 years. Two in Turkey, 5 in the UK and since 2019 in Spain.

I moved here with my partner seeking a new place to settle in and to discover what else life had to offer.

As an expat and a new mom of a beautiful baby boy , I’ve faced obstacles and challenges. Small and complex. But this journey has brought me to a place that I can call “home”.

I have been with Therapy in Barcelona for 4 years, and loving it!

English and Polish

Therapy in Barcelona Intake and Team Coordinator

MA Psychology, MA Applied Linguistics. 

As the initial point of contact at Therapy in Barcelona,

I know the first step always seems the most difficult to take.

That’s why I aim to kindly answer all the questions and concerns you might have and point you in the right direction (match you with a therapist).

From the outset, I knew I would study and work in something that would help other people. 

That’s why I studied and graduated in psychology. In exchange, I received a beautiful gift:  tools that help empower others and allow them to discover their inner self as well as skills they’d had all along.

Before working in Therapy in Barcelona, I gathered many enriching experiences that have allowed me to implement knowledge and skills to various multilingual client care roles throughout the years.

Now, in my current job, and in my other, translation work,  I’m able to apply this experience and my psychology and linguistics training to help people. I have accomplished my goal.

I use my studies in
psychology and linguistics

to understand you and choose the type of therapist you can “click” with.


details about me

When I was a kid, my grandma sewed identical skirts for me and herself. I, of course, quickly grew out of mine, but she still wears hers. Seeing her do it fills me with love.

I go swimming at least twice a week. It helps me when I’m stressed and it allows me to enjoy “me” time.

I am a beginner-level gardener. To see plants grow and thrive, and know it’s partly thanks to my caring, is thrilling.

Client comments on the intake process

I think Joanna was awesome at handling me in the intake process. I originally wanted to see Sara, but since she had a waiting list Joanna gave me some other suggestions. In the end I choose Marina and she is great. So I actually don't have any suggestions on improvement.

I thought it was great... Very quick, solution-oriented and I really liked the respectful tone of voice of the emails

Intake process was great and very quick, and my preferences and goals were taken into account when a therapist was chosen for me.

Nothing to improve it was super efficient.

I emailed you and then, no more than a few hours later, I received an email from Joanna saying that, if I wanted, there were two therapists who she thought would suit my needs based on what I'd written. It was super easy!

I was very happy to firstly have received a call to find the best matching therapist and how easy it then was to fix an appointment.

I was very happy with the intake process. It was professional and streamlined. I was well-informed at every step of the way.

Let me help you through this first step instead of struggling to find the right match

I’ll listen to your needs and answer your questions to get to know you some more. Then I’ll personally match you to one of the therapists. 

It's never too late to change something in your life.

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