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Judy. Intake Co-ordinator Therapy in Barcelona. In Her Own Words.



I know it can be difficult to make the decision to start therapy, but we are pleased that you have taken your first step with us.


I’m Judy, Intake Coordinator for Therapy in Barcelona.

I’m originally from the UK but have lived abroad for over 17 years in Argentina, Dubai, Tokyo and Barcelona.

Instead of living in the UK, or my partner’s country, the USA, we moved our family to Barcelona to settle.

As an expat, partner in an intercultural marriage and a mum of two third culture kids, I’ve faced obstacles and challenges. I look forward to helping you take steps to get the help you need at Therapy in Barcelona.


Intake Coordinator

As the initial point of contact at Therapy in Barcelona,

I know taking the first step requires an incredible amount of courage.

That’s why I offer you a caring and welcoming space in which to  answer all the questions and concerns you might have and find your therapist.

I use my experience as a globally mobile person and accomplished teacher

to understand you and choose the type of therapist you can “click” with.


details about me

I’ve been globally mobile for 17+ years. From a young age, I knew I would not stay in my home country.

I’m a highly motivated, hard-working, honest and friendly person with excellent
communication skills and a love for new challenges.

I care about community and connection. My work in Therapy in Barcelona reflects these values; breaking mental health stigma and supporting people to get the right help.

Client comments on the intake process

Placement with the therapist was quick and efficient. The coordinator was very responsive. The initial connection with the therapist was positive. I look forward to working with her.

Felt understood and respected. My therapist was explaining everything perfectly. As of right now I feel very confident in this whole thing. Getting an appointment was easy and fast, and you guys were really friendly 🙂

Intake process was great and very quick, and my preferences and goals were taken into account when a therapist was chosen for me.

Nothing to improve it was super efficient.

I emailed you and then, no more than a few hours later, I received an email from Joanna saying that, if I wanted, there were two therapists who she thought would suit my needs based on what I'd written. It was super easy!

I was very happy to firstly have received a call to find the best matching therapist and how easy it then was to fix an appointment.

I was very happy with the intake process. It was professional and streamlined. I was well-informed at every step of the way.

I thought it was great... Very quick, solution-oriented and I really liked the respectful tone of voice of the emails

Let me help you through this first step instead of struggling to find the right match

I’ll listen to your needs and answer your questions to get to know you some more. Then I’ll personally match you to one of the therapists. 

Let me help you find the right therapist for your personal growth.

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