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Kilian. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in His Own Words.



Therapy is a challenge. I invite you to take the challenge and benefit greatly. I'll be here to offer you support and tools.

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My name is Kilian and I’m a psychology-trained CBT therapist from Berlin.

My wife brought me to Spain and now Barcelona feels like a second home to me.

What made me fall in love especially is the outdoor culture of Spain. Sitting on a terrace in Barcelona with a Vermouth and Olives is one of the greatest things in the world.

English and German

AdultsAdolescents, Children 5+

MSc Clinical Psychology

So, what does working with me feel like?

You’ll feel welcome. 

It’s such a hard step to come to therapy. That’s why I’ll do all I can to make you feel welcome throughout the therapeutic process.


We’ll identify patterns of thoughts and behaviour that generate suffering in your life then apply tools to effect change and promote wellbeing. There will be homework!


We’ll come up with realistic goals to work toward. We’ll focus on the benefits that await you as we work together.

I offer you knowledge and tools from CBT.

I draw from my training in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help you learn new ways of relating to your thoughts and feelings. You can become empowered to be your own therapist.

Who do I help?


Depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, personality concerns, ADHD management, stress management, family relationships, self-esteem, procrastination, life skills, academic struggles, decision-making, anger issues, and emotional abuse.


ADHD management, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, phobias, personality issues, procrastination, life skills, academic concerns, decision-making, anger issues, family relationships, emotional abuse, OCD.

Children 5+

ADHD management, phobias, emotional problems, anxiety, separation anxiety, school problems, emotional abuse, OCD, and problems relating to peers.

My interest in psychology started early in my life. It was driven by a desire to understand psychological problems within my own family.

Gaining more knowledge about psychology helped me understand mental processes and empower myself and my clients.

I specialise in working with children, adolescents and families because I believe I can give the most support to the family members if I fully understand a family’s dynamics.

How did I realise my calling in life was psychology?


details about me as a person

I create a very deep interest in random things. At the moment I’m very much into the perfect pizza dough.

Two of my main values are friendliness and respect. They make the world a better place.

I have a dog called Nona. She is a miniature Bull Terrier but she is not a fighting dog. She loves everyone and every dog. 

Let me share 'My Manual,' a boundaries exercise.

what clients
say about working with me

I felt it was easy to talk to Killian, but it was very introductory and we haven't gotten into the real hard work of therapy yet so difficult to fully evaluate. But he seems nice and understanding and I feel comfortable with him!!

I feel understood and seen and the heavy topics feel not so heavy during my sessions 🙂 thank you

Really enjoyed my first session with Killian. He is really approachable and made me feel at ease start away. I'm happy to continue working with him.

I've had a really positive experience working with Kilian. He is really approachable and a good listener. He helps me put a lot of things into perspective when sometimes I lack clarity. He also occasionally gives me a gently nudge when I am procrastinating on something. Through discussions with Kilian, I've learnt a lot more about myself and my anxiety triggers. He has also taught me tools to help manage my anxiety as well as reframe a lot of my thinking about myself and others. I look forward to our sessions because I always gleam something new. I've definitely benefited from our sessions and am very happy to continue working with Kilian.

So far so good 🙂 Looking forward to continue my journey together with Kilian.

Very good first session. Kilian knows a lot about ADHD and general behaviours. Will definitely continue the sessions.

The session was great and I'm even a bit surprised by how well I was matched with my therapist! Also I have to highlight again how much I appreciate the flexibility and care when I booked my appointment. Thanks a lot!

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I love empowering clients to effect change in their lives.