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Even as our world becomes more progressive, there are still many unique challenges that LGBTIQ individuals must face. Whether it be isolation, family conflict, or identity issues, our therapists are here to help.

Therapy in Barcelona supports the health and mental well-being of the LGBTIQ community in and around Barcelona.

We offer counselling and support around issues such as same-sex relationships, sexual and gender identity and promoting personal growth and self-confidence. 

Regardless of whether your concerns are related to your LGBTIQ identity or not, Therapy in Barcelona’s therapists are compassionate professionals trained to identify issues and offer suitable strategies to help you successfully navigate through difficulties in a safe and nonjudgmental space.

We are a team of therapists who are passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of all Barcelona’s expats, inclusive of LGBTIQ identified individuals.

Our therapists can provide help with:

Same Sex Relationships




Rainbow Families


Sexual Identity




Sexual Concerns


General Life Dramas

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Coming Out

lgbtq friendly barcelona

Issues with Alcohol and Other Drugs

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We are not a Crisis Service.

Our service is by appointment only. If you need immediate assistance, please attend your local hospital emergency department. The essential phone numbers in Barcelona, Spain are 061 (medical emergencies) or 112 (emergency).

Samaritans offer crisis support in Spain (in english) FREE CALL 900 525 100 between 10am and 10pm

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