English Speaking Therapists in Barcelona


Navigating LGBTIQ+

Are you yet to come out to your family? Are you unsure about how to tell them?

Are you struggling to figure out your sexual identity?

Are you striving to understand sex and dating?

Are you looking to take steps to start transitioning? 

In therapy, we provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your sexual identity, identify internal obstacles and develop strategies to cope with external barriers.

Are you afraid you won’t “click” with your therapist?

Rather than being immediate, it takes around 4 sessions to build a strong connection and shared understanding with your therapist. 

We match you up with a therapist based on the information you entered on the intake form (including your therapist preference if you had one) or the information we gathered during the discovery call.

However, there is still a possibility you won’t “click”. If this is the case, you can contact us to ask for a change, and your therapist may recommend another in-house professional who might be a better fit.

What to expect of the therapy process

Every person is unique and has unique concerns, so at Therapy in Barcelona, we tailor-make the therapy and the therapeutic process to fit each client.

However, we can offer you a rough road map:


Complete the intake form or reserve a discovery call with our Intake Coordinator.

We will then match you to a therapist and book a session for you. Or, if you mentioned a preferred therapist and they aren’t fully booked, we will reserve a session with them.


Session 1

We will review the factors that led you into therapy and discuss the details of informed consent to begin to structure therapy.


Initial phase – sessions 2 to 4

You will build a mutual rapport, explore your skills, identify unhealthy strategies, delve into past and current struggles, and set your therapy goals.


Work-change phase – sessions 5+

You will analyse and dismantle unhelpful strategies, learn skills and practise methods as well as reflect on deep insights.


Ending phase

You will probably decrease the frequency of sessions. You will connect to your natural supports, reinforce your gains and develop a follow-up plan to maintain growth once therapy has ended.

We can do that!

Try our free and no obligation 15-minute discovery call.

Our Intake Coordinator (psychology-trained in her home country) will contact you at the time you choose to learn more about your needs and find the best fit for you.

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