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life transitions

Life Transitions

Major life changes can be exciting, but also scary. Often there are many unforeseen obstacles that come up. You can see these as frustrating, or as challenges that will help you grow.

Moving to a new country is one of the biggest life transitions people experience, and just like the others, it has its ups and downs. One day you might be captivated by Barcelona’s stunning architecture and landscapes; the next, you’re on the verge of tears trying to get your work permit.

Therapy will help you identify the many changes you’re experiencing, both internally and externally. You will be able to find strategies that help you make the adjustment, whether it be the move to Barcelona, a new home, a baby, marriage, a new job, marriage, an illness, retirement, property sale or acquisition, a death, or any other type of dramatic life transition.

Our therapists can provide help with:

Managing distress due to divorce, the death of a loved one or pet


Developing resilience


Self-care and wellness


Adapting after a relocation

Developing self-compassion

individual therapy barcelona

Coping strategies and distress tolerance


Building networks


Reframing challenges


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