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Men’s Group Barcelona

Men's Group Barcelona


– A men’s circle – facilitated by Arne  – 

Inspired by great men and tribal leaders like Robert Bly, David Deida, Chris Bale, GS Youngblood, your facilitator, Arne, brings his experience with the work and rituals of The Mankind Project.

In his passion to connect men and bring back the tradition of circles, Arne is hosting this workshop. 



Who only talks to his friends about hobbies, women and beer? 

Who prefers to talk to women about your feelings? 

Who is afraid to be seen as weak in front of other men? 

Who just “mans up”? 


Struggle to balance work and private life? 

Lack direction and purpose in life? 

Feel alone in your struggles? 

Miss fellow men that have your back? 

Then this is the place for you! 


“Our ancestors were meeting in the forest, around the fire to initiate young men into the art and duties of being a man amongst men.  

Men were sharing their strengths and weaknesses and elders were sharing their wisdom and stories.  Men were connected with their Heart and they all had a sense of duty. Men were the protectors and providers for their tribe, for their families, for their children. 

Men circles were a vital ritual for men to connect with their fellow men and get support, a sense of integrity and accountability and brotherhood. 

Men were connecting to their masculinity so that they can polarise their beloved feminine at all levels: physical, vital, sexual, social, affective and spiritual. 

Welcome to a modern version of a Men’s Circle inspired by ancient practices of our fathers,  grandfathers, grand-grandfathers and their ancestors. 

This men’s circle invites you to come and meditate, share, listen and connect with other men.

We will connect and reconnect with our roots. We are the sons of our ancestors, men of all kinds that lead us here today. 

We are all Lovers, Kings, Warriors and Magicians.


You will be guided through the evening sharing amongst men about life and life’s struggles in a safe space. Arne uses an original tribal setting where we share as men used to share: open, honest and from the heart.

Every evening a theme will be introduced and the words will be balanced with grounding exercises and gentle movement.  


– who look for a band of brothers 

– who desire to be raw, honest and open 

– who want to be met with authenticity  

– who want to connect with their fathers and forefathers 

– who want to know what makes a man 


 Who: we welcome men of any background, profession, sexual orientation and race.

 Language: the workshop is in English. 

Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes in which you feel good and can move easily. –

Dates: Every other week on Wednesday. 

Time: This circle starts at 19:00 and ends at 20:30 (CEST) 

Cost: 15€ per session (First-timers join for free)

Location: ZOOM link will be sent to you upon payment

Information: Email our Intake Coordinator who will send you all the details.




Arne is Dutch and a proud father living in sunny Barcelona. He has dedicated his life to personal development ever since he started his work in clinical psychology. Since then he walked a path of science, meditation, tantra, plant medicine and tribal work connecting the worlds of mind body and spirit. 



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