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Mind Your Mind: Therapy Helps

Mind Your Mind: Therapy Helps

Here is a blog post written by a client who talks about the challenges of moving to Barcelona and how therapy helps. She has kindly allowed us to publish it on our blog. You can follow her blog here

One of the main things that helped me when I moved over here was Counselling/Therapy. I went to counselling for about a year and a half when I lived at home. I came to a point where family members suggested that maybe it would be good to talk to someone who is a professional and unbiased. I did and it was the best thing I ever did. It was very daunting at first. Mental health has often been a taboo subject but now people are beginning to speak about mental health much more. But taking that big step has helped me in so many different ways.

I went to counselling right up until I left in September and thought I was ready to move here on my own but that wasn’t the case. About a month into living here I felt down and lonely and didn’t know what to do. I realized its more than just a physical preparation of packing my things and booking flights, I never prepared myself mentally. I didn’t think I needed to go back to counselling, that I should be equipped for dealing with all the changes of a new country, culture, living circumstances and everything else. It was really hard for me to talk to family and friends just by phone and not seeing them in person and I decided that I would try to find a counselling service here that was provided for English speakers and Expats. I eventually found a place, went to my first appointment and realized that I should have started it sooner when I moved here.

I was very fortunate when I started counselling back in Galway and here also. The counselor I had and now have, are really good and it has made a profound impact on me as an individual. It has helped me better myself as a person which in turn has helped my relationships with friends, family and partners. I find I am happier although, like everyone, I do have my ups and downs. This is normal. Counselling can help issues like depression, grief, anxiety, loss and loneliness. Counsellors are used to talking about almost any subject or taboo under the sun, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about your problems or issues

The place I went to counselling in Galway is called Lets Get Talking. The organisation doesn’t have a set price, they basically work off donations which means if you can only pay 20 euro for every session, that’s all you have to pay. You set the price you can afford and they accommodate everyone equally and as best as they can. There are lots of counsellors and you also can have preference between a man or a woman. LGT is based in Galway and Dublin. This is a link to their website: https://letsgettalking.ie/galway/

The company I go to in Barcelona is called Therapy in Barcelona. It is a brilliant service and I have benefited loads from going. My counsellor is brilliant, and all the counsellors in the company speak English. They are very accommodating and I would highly recommend this service to anyone living here. Here is the link to their website: https://www.therapyinbarcelona.com/

For anyone who is thinking of starting and is afraid of what people will think- We are now in 2020, people should be able to talk about how they are feeling openly. Your mental health is more important than what other people think.
If you need help, get in touch with Therapy in Barcelona. We won’t tell you to get over it, we offer you a safe and confidential space to help you through it.
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