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Moving to Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona

This information was posted on the Facebook group Barcelona Expats by Mark Kennedy. 
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Quite a long post, but if you are moving to this city you will have a lot to organise…
Here is my own list of websites/ recommendations that I have collected and personally found useful while starting from scratch here.
I hope it provides a little help to those who have just arrived, or are planning to arrive soon.
PS: I offer this as a take-it or leave-it list based on my own personal experience….
If you have not yet mastered Catalan/ Spanish you can change the web browser settings on your phone or computer to “Translate pages in Catalan/ Spanish” All websites are then converted automatically to your preferred language.
‘Google translate” App lets you translate text from a photo/ scan or screenshot.
If you have kids: The public schools in Catalonia are all taught through the Catalan language- Not Spanish.
There is normally 2 hours per week of English and Spanish (Castellano) lessons.
Very generally; English speaking International schools will cost you about €8,000 per year for primary beginners (Age 3/ 5) and increase each year up to €19,000 for the final high school years (Age 17/ 18).
Concertada schools are semi-private (And sometimes Religious/ Denominational) They cost a lot less than international schools (Less than half) but at least in my area, they don’t really appear to be any better than the public schools.
You will not be given any information regarding the availability of public school places until you provide a local rental contract to the Adjuntament office (Local Government office) and receive your “Certificado de Empadronamiento” (Official registration certificate of where you live). They normally consider a 20 minute commute from your registered residence to a school as your acceptable zone in the initial school place search.
Job search websites
https://spain.xpatjobs.com/- offers for multilingual ppl
http://www.tecnoempleo.com/- it and engineers job offers
http://www.studentjob.es/- jobs and internships for students
http://www.pmfarma.es/empleo/- job offers related to medicine
http://www.hosteleo.com/- hospitality related jobs
Information about different city centre neighbourhoods
Short term rentals
Second hand everything (Like Craig’s list/ Gumtree/ DoneDeal)
Recomended bank
(Can provide all contracts and mobile phone app in English)
Health Insurance
Insurance comparison website
Paid NIE service
Visit your local Adjuntament (Local Council/ Government office) to register your address and recieve your “Certificado de Empadronamiento”:
Which is an official census type registration certificate of where you live (Bring your “NIE” your “Rental Contract” To prove your place of residence and passport)
Public health
Register at your local CAP office (Centre d’Atenció Primaria) bring your “Certificado de Empadronamiento”, “NIE” and EU passport to obtain a public health card.
Citizens advice spain
How to get a social security number
(You can also arrive to other Social Security offices in towns like Cerdanyola del Valles without an appointment- You need NIE and a written job offer before you can get a social security number)
Self-Employment registration (Autonomo) and income tax info
Minimum wage information
Best ticket for public transport within Zone 1 (T-10): Can be used on all metro, bus and tram lines in Zone 1 for 10 x journeys. Passengers have 75 minutes between the first and last validation when changing lines or mode of transport and be shared by multiple people (Swipe once for each person to validate)
*Not valid for Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2 metro stations on line L9 Sud.
Zone map
T-10 website info
Cars for sale
How to buy a car in Spain guide
General moving to Spain guide
Free Spanish language app & course
English speaking internet provider/ Mobile phone provider
Rent a car per hour
Ride sharing App (Like Uber):
When you see “VOSE” in the movie description it means they’re in the original language (usually English) with Spanish subtitles
Recognition of foreign Higher Education qualifications
Request a background check
Getting your residence
General Government site in English
Consumer protection
Free event info websites


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