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online therapy

Online Therapy

We are here, offering online therapy to support you.

Online Counselling

We work with people from all over the world and offer online counselling.

This is not a substitute for real counselling – this is real counselling, in real time, with qualified professionals.

Online therapy gives you control over the setting and context of the support you receive. We offer you high quality support from our qualified team of professionals.

At any time in life therapy is a great investment, a safe and confidential space where you can feel heard, and are able to explore concerns or life issues, and develop new ways of seeing, being or behaving that have real positive impacts in your life.

Now, more than ever is a great time to start therapy.

Why Therapy?

Are you looking for effective ways to manage your feelings?

Are you experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety or depression?

Is your relationship suffering?

Do you need some help self-regulating as a parent?

Would you like to work on techniques for enhancing the way you play with your child?

Does your teen need some support to manage their anxieties ?

If you are finding you need to talk, or you feel unable to cope with the intensity of your emotions, or if the level of conflict in your relationship is distressing, now is the time to reach out for professional help.

We, at Therapy in Barcelona, are leveraging technology to meet peoples’ needs through online Telehealth counselling services. We are providing online help to adults, couples, children, parents, adolescents and whole families.

Our caring professionals are here and trained to actively listen to your concerns, hold space for your fears and anxieties, and assist you in navigating ways to manage these feelings.

Our Couples Therapists can help you and your partner implement ways to communicate and relate better, to generate more harmony and intimacy. 

Our Child and Adolescent Therapists are here to help you navigate your parenting skills. They can also help your little ones and teach you new and therapeutic ways to connect with your kids. 

Why should I choose Therapy in Barcelona for online sessions?

Unlike large online therapy platforms we do NOT mine your data or record sessions.

We speak English and many other languages.

We are a team of qualified professionals from all around the world. We are all Psychologists in our countries of origin, all with a minimum of Masters level or equivalent training.

Our training in psychology means ways in which we approach helping you are unlikely to be harmful because they are backed up by science and research.

We work together to support each other, currently having group supervision fortnightly. Isolated practitioners can be unethical. We monitor each others’ work and give each other insights when we need help with cases.

If your online sessions are going well and you would like, or need, to continue your therapeutic work in person, we have a comfortable office for you to come and meet your therapist in person in central Barcelona.

We are a local small business in Barcelona. All of our therapists are freelancers and it helps us if our community uses our services right now.

All of our therapists are, like you, expats and immigrants, living here, dislocated from our families and countries. We “get” the complex nature of living abroad and work specifically with people like you!


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