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We support and accompany internationals to foster growth and build wellness wherever they are.

Online therapy for digital nomads and remote workers.


If you are struggling with a concern, wish to gain self-confidence or want to feel happier, but...

Your job involves a lot of travelling?

You find it difficult to fit in your weekly, face-to-face therapy sessions.

You have a busy schedule?

Having to travel to appointments and sit in a waiting room is a hassle for you.

You're a Digital Nomad?

You work online from various locations of your choosing so you need the flexibility of online sessions.

You're a Remote Worker?

You need your therapist to ‘come to you’ online to suit your flexible working schedule.

You feel awkward about in-person sessions?

You know therapy can help you, but having to talk face to face to a therapist makes you uncomfortable.

You have physical or psychological limitations?

You suffer social phobias or anxiety disorders, are housebound, or you’re in a wheelchair. Leaving the house can become an ordeal.

Online Therapy Might Be The Solution You Need

Online therapy Benefits


You can combine online and in-person modes. Frequent travelling will not interrupt your therapy process.


You skip the commute and waiting-room time. It fits in with your tight work or travel schedule.

Easily accessed

You don’t have to take time out from your day to get to our office, work out Barcelona’s metro or bus network or find a parking space.


You feel more comfortable sitting in the privacy of your home, hotel or wherever you are right now.

Therapy in Barcelona offers online therapy that is just like a normal face-to-face session

We provide therapy, counselling and coaching for Adults, Couples, Adolescents, Children and Families that…

Struggle with anxiety, stress or depression and need to talk to someone.

Experience conflicts at work or at home that are affecting their relationships and would like to learn problem-solving skills.

Want to gain self-confidence by learning to accept and be themselves.

Struggle to express feelings and want to learn to better communicate.

Strive to adapt to expat life and need help to master and enjoy living abroad.

Want to achieve a healthy work-life balance by building on wellness.

Whatever the reason, if you need to reach out and talk to a therapist, contact us

Therapy in Barcelona has helped clients from over 45 countries move on and feel happier since 2018

Our therapists are…

Caring. We take our clients’ well-being very seriously, hold ourselves to a high standard and help with intention.

Qualified professionals. All therapists are psychology-trained, or equivalent, and use evidence-based and integrative techniques.

Multilingual. The whole team speaks English and we offer therapy in multiple languages.

And they provide a space that is…

Culturally sensitive. We create an international friendly environment where diversity and a passion for change are our common denominators. 

Non-judgemental. We see help-seeking as a strength and take pride in creating a safe space for our clients to explore all facets of their world.

Safe and confidential. We do not mine your data nor record sessions.

All our other therapists (who you can meet here) can help you move forward with online therapy from wherever you are.


1. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

2. We get back to you within 24-48 hours to offer you availability for an online therapy session. 

Check the time zones to ensure it suits both of us. We are in the  Central European Time [CET] zone.

3. Make sure you have transferred the fee (full amount) when your receive the booking confirmation with your therapist’s bank details.

4. Send proof of transfer to info@therapyinbarcelona.com

5. Your therapist will send you a link for Doxy.me, Zoom, Skype or Google Meet.

6. To join the therapist in the online room click on the link they sent you.

What do you need for your online therapy session?

Strong wifi connection


Newest browser updates

Reduced background noise


Adjusted lighting

What Our Clients Say About Us

I was very anxious to start therapy when I first contacted Therapy in Barcelona. I was very glad to have found a place that offered therapy in English, as it is more comfortable and also with therapists that are also foreigners in Spain, as cultural differences may be easier to understand. I was met with no judgement in the way I thought about life and myself, which was very reassuring and calming. I think already a month or two after starting weekly sessions my family noticed a change, and are now proud of my more positive attitude and higher confidence. I couldn't have made a better choice than to ask for help nor found a better place and therapist, I feel. Thank you to the Therapy in Barcelona team!

Intake process was great and very quick, and my preferences and goals were taken into account when a therapist was chosen for me.

I don't think I would have been able to accomplish this much without my therapist's help and guidance. From the very beginning, I felt very comfortable during our conversations. She has helped me so much, provided me so much new insights and I'm very grateful for it.

My therapist is a very good listener and asks good questions for self-reflection. Her practical "homework" (like drawing, writing letters, grounding, breathing and other exercises) are a good way to work on oneself outside of the therapy sessions.

Just talking things over has already been a great help. Preparing for the sessions by reflecting on things and noting them down also helped. I will never forget my first session, how sad and hopeless I felt, and all the doubts I had, that therapy is not a bad or shameful thing to do. Each session was a relief and my therapist taught me and shared so many things that I know I will always remember and will help me to face any difficulties. Thank you for listening and all your help.

Approachable and easy sessions and the availability of therapists working in different languages is helpful for foreigners living in Barcelona


Once you are matched to a therapist, we will let you know their fees and preferred payment method.

Are you ready to start growing and building wellness no matter where you are?

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