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Helping international adults, couples, families, parents, adolescents, and children build on wellness


You want to MOVE ON

Learn. Manage. Conquer.

Overcome. Heal. Recover.

Empower. Enhance. Grow.

Imagine talking with someone who understands you and validates your concerns. A therapist who will also encourage and guide you.

So you can feel happier.

Discover how we can help you move on

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Learn to accept and reconnect with yourself so you can grow towards peace and fulfilment.

Improve your communication and find ways to compromise. Strengthen your relationship/s.

Grow closer to your family and recover the natural support and care you and your children can give one another.

Help your child foster growth and discover his or her potential.

Empower your teenager with skills and techniques that will help them manage adolescence.

Find help no matter where you are and start making change happen.

Increase your emotional and physical well-being by enhancing your sex life.

Since 2018, we have helped thousands of expats from over 45 countries achieve their goals

Therapy in Barcelona was founded in 2011 by Leigh, a psychology-trained Australian therapist, as a solo practice and evolved into a group practice in 2018. Her aim was and is to offer therapy services that speak to the international community.

What makes us unique

Collaborative team

We work together to support each other. We monitor each other’s work and give each other insights when we need help with cases.

Psychology-trained therapists

We are a team of qualified professionals, trained psychologists or equivalent in our native countries, all with a minimum of Masters level or equivalent training.

Expat professionals

We live far from our families and countries. We face the challenges of living abroad. Like you, we are expats.


We focus on tailor-made interventions using evidence-based techniques.


We bring a balance of professionalism and humanity to your therapeutic process.


We never stop learning, improving and refining our craft.

See what clients say about the services we provide

Thank you. I achieved the goals I set out to achieve with my therapist. She is easy to talk to, practical, gentle but firm and goes the extra mile. Most importantly, I am heaps better for having used this service. I now have lots of strategies to help me through challenging times.

My therapist is a good counterbalance to my energy, she forces me to slow down and consider things, and doesn't let me skip away from a question or observation. She's been incredibly positive about my successes and has also made me acknowledge them to myself, something I don't often do. She's also taught me to watch my self-talk. I feel like she really gets me.

Seeing my therapist is definitely helping me to start to put into action concrete steps to improve which on my own I had sort of contemplated but couldn't bring myself to do anything about. I get exceedingly embarrassed very easily so it is testament to my therapist’s very approachable nature that I feel quite comfortable talking to her about almost everything.

I am delighted to have found my therapist. She's a very approachable therapist who goes out of her way to help and genuinely wants to help.​

Very pleasantly surprised that my therapist responds to emails between sessions and even sends emails to check up on how you are - I didn't expect this of a therapist but it is comforting and gives the impression she really wants to help.

My therapist cares about YOU and YOUR problems. When you’re feeling bad it can be hard to wait for a weekly visit so she will send you little tasks or things to read. She hasn’t forgotten about you or is just there to take the money. She is certainly the best therapist I have had, although I hadn’t thought that I had had bad therapists before meeting my therapist. Therapists in my past had just listened while I cried and moaned but this therapist wanted to point me in the right direction so that I would heal myself without having to rely on others.

I feel very heard, safe, and seen with my therapist She is easy to talk to and I am super happy with our sessions so far.

What we can and cannot help you with:




If you need a diagnosis, clinical assessment or medication prescription, contact us for referrals to the right services.

Are you sceptical about seeing a therapist?

Are you uncertain because you don’t know what to expect?

Sometimes life can feel like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean, as you try to survive a storm. You are struggling to keep afloat and hoping for the weather to change soon.

With the help of a caring therapist, you can learn storm tactics that will give you some respite from the pitching and pounding. You can work together to weather the storm and move into calmer waters.

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