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Spain in English | 2021

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How to find a good therapist in Barcelona | By Your Side BCN June 2021

This Mask is Making Me | Barcelona Metropolitan 26 December 2020

Covid and Expat Resilience MumAbroad | 15 September 2020

therapy in barcelona

Instagram Live "Prosocial Behaviour: Are You Doing It?" with Krystal Joy Williams of We Social Fam | 15 May 2020

therapy in barcelona

Mum Abroad Blog How to Navigate Intercultural Relationships by Leigh Matthews February 2020

Therapy In Barcelona

Coporate Sponsor Barcelona Women's Network 2020, 2021

Therapy in Barcelona

La Vanguardia " Fuera (cerca) de casa" Barcelona International Community Day 2019 featuring photo of Therapy in Barcelona stall October 27, 2019

La Vanguardia BCN ICD 2019

SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ with Therapy in Barcelona January 1, 2019

socialfam 5 Minutes interview

MumAbroad Spain with Therapy in Barcelona Interview June, 2019

MumAbroad Spain

English counselling in Barcelona by Vicky York, Sh Barcelona


Let's Talk About Sex | Co-Hosted with Barcelona Metropolitan for Working Women Week 17 June 2021


Expats Are Experts at Coping with Uncertainty | Barcelona Metropolitan 14 September 2020

Barcelona Navigator 2020

therapy in barcelona

4th Annual Costa Women Business Online Conference Q&A Mental Health & Wellness 17th September 2020

Costa Women Barcelona

Quoted in "This 6-Year-Old Will Show You How to Make Stop Motion Videos" BY LINDA FREUND - 05/15/2020

Let Grow

Words for "Weightless" -- Brett Hetherington's article for Catalonia Today magazine 16 June 2020

Standing in a Spanish Doorway

Barcelona International Community Day Workshop WELLNESS TOOLS FOR NEWCOMERS offered by Therapy in Barcelona 26 October 2019

Barcelona ICD

SocialFam International Mama's Day Event. Therapy in Barcelona provided complimentary 25 min sessions for families. We also offered a worry doll workshop for kids! May 5, 2019

social fam mama's day

The Christmas Chill, by Sophie Heyward, Barcelona Metropolitan, December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017 12:00 AM

That Spanish Life | Tapas, Depression & Covid-19… What’s Not to Love? | 5 September 2020


MumAbroad Interview Psychologist Leigh Matthews on Covid Ambiguity and Expat Resilience | 13 October 2020

therapy in barcelona

Facebook Therapist Led Peer Support Group

Therapy in barcelona

Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop Wellness Day 7 March 2020 Charity Event for Hot Chili Chicas Put Foot

Therapy in Barcelona

The 6th Edition Barcelona International Community Day 2019 Photo Credit Ajuntament Barcelona

Therapy in Barcelona

Best Psychology Services in Barcelona by Christine, Sh Barcelona

Therapy in Barcelona

Stress Management, Tools for Expat Wellbeing & Mindfulness Workshops by Therapy in Barcelona at Typeform HQ July 25-26, 2019

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English-Speaking Services in Barcelona, Suite Life Barcelona Real Estate & Lifestyle Services

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Speaking Engagement: Psychological Issues for the Expatriate Community, Leigh Matthews, ACADEMIC PROGRAM PAN EUROPE ASIA CONFERENCE 2018 29 Sept – 6 Oct, Barcelona SPAIN


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