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How to restore calm and optimism

How to restore calm and optimism

It is all too easy to add pain to our suffering when times are hard…telling ourselves how badly we are managing, or that this is how things will always be. In this short, supportive article, Dr Stephanie Dowrick leads us towards a simple practical way of restoring calm, equanimity and even optimism in the present moment. 

On the days when nothing seems to be going remotely well and your stresses are accumulating unbearably, please try a life-saving version of mindfulness. Allow yourself to be present to the truth of what is happening, yet not overwhelmed by it. Ask yourself: “What would ease the situation RIGHT NOW?” “What do I need RIGHT NOW?” Listen to your small quiet voice of wisdom. Persist until you have some clarity. Ideally, write that down. “I can…”; “Yes, I will…”.

Move through your day at half speed, or anyway at a speed that allows you to be immersed in familiar routines of care and activity. This will curb the rising tide of panic. Let yourself be soothed by the rhythms of what you are doing.

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