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Sara. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator. In Her Own Words..

Sara - Adults

Hi there, I’m Sara!

I work with adults in individual therapy. 

As a psychologist licensed in Finland I use frameworks that have been shown to be effective according to quality research. These approaches include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I tailor the approach to each individual client depending on what works best for each person. 

Difficulties that we can work on together include (but are not limited to): anxiety, worry, rumination, depression, relationship issues, challenges in dating, healthy boundaries, the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and communication, difficult expat experiences, sleeping problems, loneliness, obsessive thoughts or behaviours, perfectionism, procrastination, artistic identity and performance, study skills, life skills, choosing a direction in life, body image, loss, grief, death, difficulties relating to gender, sexuality or racism, life crises, and dealing with difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours in general. 

When coming to therapy with me, you can expect me to participate actively in the conversation while also giving you plenty of space to express yourself fully and relax into the moment.

You’re welcome just as you are! We’ll work on finding tools for you to help yourself so that doing therapy with me becomes unnecessary. 

I take my job as a therapist very seriously but that doesn’t mean that the therapy itself is always a terribly serious affair! It can be deep, it can be difficult, and sometimes it can be very joyous and a lot of fun!

Sessions can be in English, Swedish or Finnish. 

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Sara on Creating Clarity in Times of Uncertainty

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