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Sarah. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in Her Own Words.



Engaging in therapy with me is an opportunity to learn and practice new ways of responding to challenging thoughts, emotions and situations.

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My name is Sarah and I’m a psychology-trained therapist from Brazil.

I have lived in 6 different countries and been an expat in different phases of my life. My experience as an expat enables me to directly relate to internationals in a sensitive manner.

My PhD in Public Health brought me to Barcelona. After finishing the PhD I decided to stay because of the bonds I formed here, the strongest of them, my partner.

English and Portuguese


PhD Public Health, MSc Addiction Studies, P.Grad Clinical Behavioural Analysis,  BA Psychology, Graduate Course Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

So, what does working with me feel like?

Come as you are!

You will find a warm and non-judgmental space in which you can express yourself and discuss whatever is concerning you.

An opportunity to come unstuck and find meaning.

I help you clarify what is important to you and empower you to free yourself from debilitating cycles.


Therapy with me will involve reflecting on and understanding your situation, but I will also encourage you to take practical steps to overcome your challenges.

We’ll build together.

I will listen to you attentively, but I am also a very interactive therapist. You won’t feel alone in the room.

An experience guided by kindness, respect, curiosity, self-improvement, and adaptability.

I make a conscious effort to manifest these values to provide you with the best care possible, tailored to you and your needs.

Relevant and appropriate

I stay on top of the evolution of effective therapeutic methods such as Contextual Behavioural Therapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP).

Who do I help?


Depression, anxiety, adjusting to expat life, life crises, direction in life, relationships, emotional management, managing bipolar, substance abuse.


Healing the wounds of rejection, shame, exploring possibilities of sexual orientation, relationship management, self-esteem issues.

Students + Academics

Work-life balance, stress management, setting boundaries, navigating career choices, impostor syndrome, procrastination, perfectionism, ADHD.

I noticed very early on that the opportunity to connect with people sparked joy in me.

It felt like a privilege when people shared their struggles. I also felt, and still feel, genuine joy seeing people achieving their goals.  

Raised around psychologists, I became interested in psychology early on. I started reading psychology books in my early teens and I loved it. 

So it was easy for me to connect the dots and choose this as my profession. Psychology has always felt like the right place for me. 

How did I realise my calling in life was psychology?


details that shape me as a person

I’ve lived in six different countries. Brazil, Canada, Portugal, England, Italy and Spain. Learning new cultures and ways of living is both challenging and precious.

I have a little dog, called Tapioca. Her name and her attitude remind me of my country: delicious food and lively people.

I grew up by the sea. My perfect free day involves seafood, caipirinha, and friends on the beach, finished with a nap in a hammock under a palm tree.

Let me share a useful exercise for managing upsetting thoughts: cognitive defusion

what clients
say about working with me

Sarah was very kind and soothing. She talks slowly and maintains a calm register, which is definitely a skill. She made me feel heard. I've been in a really bad place lately and I got very emotional during the first session. She could tell I was embarrassed so she made it a point to assure me that it was ok and not to feel shame over it. She also conveyed genuine concern and took extra time with me after the session was already over to ensure I'll be safe until our next session. Thanks, Sarah.

Great first session, took away a lot from it, and felt a shift in mindset about a particular issue. Easy to book, clear instructions and expectations from her side, I love directness and I got that. Happy to continue with Sarah.

I think Sarah was very good at pinpointing patterned behaviors that I normally exhibit which are harmful to my mental/emotional health. For the few sessions we had together I already saw improvements in my thought patterns and behaviors. It was a pleasure!

Sarah is kind and understanding. She always makes you feel welcome, she's excited for you on your good days, and she's there for you when you're feeling a little low, in such a kind way it soothes your soul. No matter the issue big or small Sarah walks you through it, guides you on ways to cope outside of the sessions and thoughtfully sends through anything that might help in the future. She is a pleasure to speak to and I feel lucky to be able to work with her whilst working on myself

Sarah has used various methods with me, from visuals to audios. She's quick with decisions during the session often trying something with me that she might not have necessarily planned for. The sessions have flowed really well, I'm really happy with her.

It was very easy to schedule recurrent appointments with Sarah at any agreed time. We've also discussed and specified the goals I want to work towards 🙂

This was a great first session, I got the opportunity to talk about the things that brought me to therapy and my goals, and I felt seen and very understood. I left the session feeling very optimistic about future sessions.

Sarah was very understanding and respectful towards me. She showed genuine concern and care. It really felt like a safe space. Booking the appointment was quite easy. The additional clarifying call with the intake coordinator was very helpful to discuss which therapist would be a good fit.

Great session (first experience of therapy). Made me feel very comfortable and it was easy to speak.

Definitely felt heard and understood, and we discussed what I wanted to work on. Easy to book. Not sure how to improve (if at all), will just take time for me to get into a groove and experience results.

Great session (first experience of therapy). Sarah made me feel very comfortable and it was easy to speak.

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The most rewarding part of my job is helping people build skills to get unstuck, step by step, and seeing them grow to be the people they wish to be.