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Signing Forms Electronically

In preparation for your first session, your therapist will likely ask you to sign a client consent form for services.

If you have access to a printer, you can just print and scan the document and email it to the therapist.

If not, you can create an electronic signature following these steps:

Steps to sign the consent form electronically:

  1. Open the document (the therapist needs to send you a PDF file)
  2. Click on the top right hand side of the document as shown below
  1. Select add signature
  1. Type your name or sign the form using your mouse. If you have a touch screen you can use your finger or a stylus.
  1. After having either drawn, typed or inserted a picture of your signature, select apply at the bottom of the screen
  1. Move the signature box to the area when you need to insert your signature
  1. Remember to save it and then you are ready to email it back to your therapist as an attachment.

For more information, see the following article:

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