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Speak Spanish Barcelona: Spanish Classes for Expat Families

Speak Spanish Barcelona: Spanish Classes for Expat Families

At Speak Spanish Barcelona we know moving to Barcelona could be hard: getting your NIE, looking for an apartment, finding a school for your children… And, on top of that, learning Spanish could be tough and you may feel lost in translation sometimes.

Therapy in Barcelona can help with managing the challenges of your move to Barcelona. We can help with the language!

Don’t let the language barrier stand in your way of enjoying everything this city has to offer!

You may be interested in joining our Spanish classes for Expats Families if you are willing to:

  • Share “Spanish moments” with your children. They are learning Spanish at the school and you want to be part of their learning process.
  • Understand the parents who write in Spanish at the School WhatsApp Groups.
  • Feel integrated and comfortable, be part of the community.
  • Learn about the culture and diversity in Spain: traditions, food…
  • Meet new people: expats from another countries.
  • Get a better understanding of locals’ way of living.
  • Solve daily life issues and be able to communicate in everyday situations: going to the bank, to the restaurant, shopping, school meetings…
  • Have a space to express yourself: share your feelings and experiences while you learn something new.
  • Give yourself a challenge.
  • Have more opportunities of finding a job.
  • Travel around Spain and Spanish America and interact with locals.


Along the years, we have met a lot of families in this situation. That is why we offer special courses for Expats families who want to learn Spanish but they don’t feel like going around the city looking for a language school.

So, if you prefer to learn at the comfort of your home, with like-minded people, this is for you. We organize small groups and we meet at the students’ places once, twice or three times a week.

Schedules and dates are flexible.

We provide all the materials for the classes.

Write us an email for further information: hola@speakspanishbarcelona.com

Speak Spanish Barcelona’s Team.

Meanwhile, if you are struggling with adjustment to life in Barcelona, Therapy in Barcelona provides adult, couple, family, teen and child therapy. You can contact us here

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