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stress management

Stress Management

Stress occurs when the demands on us outweigh our coping resources. Everyone deals with some form of stress, whether it be from school, work, relationships, or anything else.

Moving countries and adapting to a new culture can be incredibly stressful.  Work, finances, parenting, dating, studying, living; all of these things create stress. Stress occurs when the demands on us outweigh our coping resources. While a bit of stress can be beneficial and help motivate us, chronic stress can wear us down and lead to health issues, anxiety and depression. Some believe stress is inevitable, but there are, in fact, many tools and strategies you can use to reduce and manage stress.

Therapy in Barcelona can help you identify and understand your main stressors, triggers, early warning signs and coping strategies.

Effective stress management will assist you in setting goals and handling stress in a healthy way.

Stress management oriented therapy can help with:

Identifying Signs of Stress

Time Management


Relaxation Strategies


Cultivating Balance


Problem Solving Skills


Planning for Periods of Stress


Learning to Delegate, and say "No"

Lifestyle Factors



Reviewing Life Goals and Values


Identifying Stress Triggers


Making Use of Support Networks


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